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  1. Happy Birthday AlexH92!

  2. 2013 Who & Where

    Certainly am Rob! and il still be driving a fiesta just moving onto a slightly bigger engine, ordered a 2013 fiesta ST-2 haha so fingers crossed it will be next month!
  3. Hello All

    i loved the look of the focus, just not the insurance quote on it for me
  4. Hello All

    Will do! going to be a very very slow month waiting for it :(
  5. 2013 Who & Where

    Alex from Todmorden (just joined) currently driving a 2011 MK7 Fiesta until next month
  6. Hello All

    Hi everyone, About time i joined the club :) im from the north west, Proud owner of a frozen white 2011 ford fiesta 1.25 edge for about a year and half now loved the car just not the engine. Just about to step it up (just a little bit ) and have ordered a spirit blue 2013 fiesta ST-2 cant wait to get my hands on it and see what everyone else thinks about the long awaited Fiesta ST! In my opinion looks like a fantastic car but thats just me :P
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums AlexH92 :)

    1. AlexH92


      Thanks :) great to join!

  8. My Fiesta ST-2

    The 2013 Fiesta ST-2 In Spirit Blue