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  1. Good evening guys! After my cruise control works, I wonder if I can start a manually initiated cleaning my diesel particulate filter with elmconfig?! Some idea? regards
  2. I have it! But it was not your tip Dezwez. I have the baud rate set to 500.000kbs, but just get another error message. So I like just now tried it, but then loaded from the file. Previously I had a file saved WITH cruise control marks. Then I simply clicked write to PCM and it worked! Test ride was perfect! Thank you all! This is an awesome forum here! edit Yes, I had selected the correct PCM.
  3. Yes! Its on auto mode. Other programs done fine with 500 000kbs.
  4. Hello! I need help! I read all the topic. I want to activate the Cruise-Control in the PCM. I can read the PCM, i can activate the Cruise Control but i can't write the PCM again. I get always this screen. Can somebody help me? May the ELM is broken? Somebody know this screen? THANKS!!!!
  5. Hello! Sorry for my bad english. I need some help. I build the interface like the first page of this topic. Then i have to code the interface, right? There is the problem. I can code the first "atpp2asv38". Then come the ">K". But all the other commands dosen't geht a ">K". What did i wrong? Thank you for your help!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Memorex :)