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  1. MK2 Focus Headlights

    A year or so ago I needed a replacement Headlamp unit for my MK 2.5. I purchased it off Ebay not from a Ford dealer. It fitted fine and worked correctly, just the job really. Later on detailed inspection there were some slight differences. Inside the unit some plastic bits were black instead of silver as on the original part. You had to look really carefully to find the difference side to side. If you are particularly concerned about this sort of thing make sure you purchase a Ford part and check it matches. Me, I am not fussed about this and quite happy to have purchased a pattern part. ScaniaPBman. .
  2. Is your Focus Keyless?

    I spotted this article in Fleet News explaining how keyless cars can be stolen from outside your home by 'relay attack'. https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/car-industry-news/2017/08/10/thieves-target-keyless-entry-cars-with-relay-attack Focus vehicles get special mention. Seems the best way to protect yourself is to keep the fob in a closed tin box when at home. ScaniaPBman.
  3. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Just a thought. How about a buckled alloy wheel rim? It could have resulted from a kerb strike sometime in the past. Balancing may not pick up an out of true rim. What would I do? First off jack the front up with both wheels off the ground and support with axle stands. Then run the engine and transmission up to 60 or 70 MPH. Does the problem still happen? Can you see any wheel run out on the way up to this speed that might indicate a deformed tyre or rim? Best of luck. ScaniaPBman.
  4. exhaust bracket..

    I fixed mine with an old jubilee pipe clamp I found lying round my garage. Once on tight, I smothered it with high melting point grease. ScaniaPBman.
  5. Focus MK2 windscreen Pilar clips

    How about a walk round your friendly neighbourhood scrap yard? ScaniaPBman.
  6. Would my Focus pass the MOT with the back seat down?

    Thanks guys for the fast response, Guess that answers my question well. ScaniaPBman.
  7. This is one for a MOT tester really.......... My Focus hatchback is used frequently to carry things with the back seat folded down. For my MOT today I cleared everything out, put the seat up and buckled up the belts in preparation. Now if I had left the seat down, or even left all my stuff in, would it have failed because the tester could not access the belts? IT's a bit of an academic question now really since it passed OK, but next time I could save myself some time clearing out and then putting all the stuff back. Thanks in advance, ScaniaPBman.
  8. As the title says, when you return to your keyless car and find the battery flat, how do you get in to release the bonnet and access the battery? Is there a concealed + & - socket somewhere? Do you have to break into the vehicle external wiring harness somewhere and power the central locking solenoids from an external source? For me this is an acedemic question since I only own cars with an old fashioned metal key and external keyhole, but on examining a recent Renault parked next to me yesterday there was no keyhole to be seen anywhere. ScaniaPBman.
  9. Below is a copy of a post I did in 2015 on this subject. I was in the same situation as you. No urgent need but wanted a solution quickly. The small search bar at the top right of the screen is your friend. I needed a replacement McGard key a while back. I had no key details at all. There were 3 places I tried. The local Ford dealer. They had a set of master keys. If one matched they could order one for me and from memory it was not a rip off price. Not so easy if none matched since the dealer set did not cover every key differ. McGard themselves in Germany. Here. They needed a good photo of your wheel nut, driving licence, vehicle registration document, and about £25. Alloy wheel shop in Liverpool. Here. This is where I had mine from. Chris is a McGard agent though I cannot see this from his site. All transactions were by email and phone. I sent him a photo of the nut and details of the car. The new key came through the post directly quite quickly from McGard. Although he is a few quid more than going to the supplier I felt happier dealing with someone closer to home and he also supplied me with 4 regular wheel nuts to replace the keyed nuts once I got then off. The photo has to be in focus and fill the frame. Let us know how you got on. ScaniaPBman.
  10. Engine under tray

    Or even prevent the MOT man/woman seeing an engine oil leak that does not spill over the edge of the tray. ScaniaPBman
  11. rear shocks

    Exactly what I would do. My front shock absorber was much worse than a light misting but was giving no problems after 130,000 miles. Without attention it would have failed for an oil leak. I jacked the front up, dried everthing off with a white spirit soaked rag and bingo, all OK on the MOT. A replacement shock absorber is on my list of things to do in my own time. ScaniaPBman.
  12. Lost key fob

    I can recommend this seller on Ebay. He did a good focus Mk2.5 flip key for me.
  13. Power steering pump

    I struggled quite a bit when I removed the pump on my 1.6 petrol. The difficulty for me was removal of the two pipes to the rack from the pump body. The answer for me was to remove the complete assembly of pipes and pump together and refit as an assembly. Your method may vary. ScaniaPBman.
  14. Rotating tyres.. yay or nay?

    The correct answer is your best tyres should be on the REAR axle. THe reasoning behind this is fairly straight forward. In extreme driving conditions such as snow,ice or just standing water on the road surface where grip is limited or hydroplaning occurs, it is much safer and easier to control the car when the grip is lost on the front axle rather than the rear. There are several youtube videos attesting to this. Here's a sample... ScaniaPBman.
  15. Focus suspension arms / bush replacement

    Yup, I have had this ball joint off several times without any taper breaker tool. Once you have the technique it just falls off. First loosen the ball joint nut a few turns, then put a sturdy lever through the lower arm so that you can put a seperating force on the offending taper. A force equivalent to Mrs ScaniaPBman's weight on the end of the lever does the job nicely. Wallop the collar that the ball joint taper is held in, and bingo it releases. ScaniaPBman.