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  1. Hi there ! I was wondering where in the ONLINE UK I can buy LED bulbs for the instrument cluster and the AC dials. Thanks !
  2. I was wondering what do front/rear strut mount failure sounds like on a Focus ? Coming from a VOLVO, they sound like plastic clanks, kinda like running a metal bar over steel gates. Wheel of fortune noise... Also when tracking the wheels with a Hunter unit, should the technician straighten the wheel and adjust with the car on ? Or can he just center the wheel with car off and adjust ? Tried to track once.... Car no longer pulls left, but the wheel is still off, even though he centered the wheel and locked it. Why could that be ? Are they idiots ? The tires, by the way, are new. Car is a 03' Focus 1.6 ZETEC HATCHBACK. Just purchased the other day, can't believe I have not tried this car before. Simply WOW. It could do with nicer seats... But the engine and steering is EXCELLENT ! Much better than my S40 Turbo.
  3. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    Car purchased :) Very happy ! Ended up buying one with 70k miles though :) It needs oil, front end tracking and filters though. Can I use any branded quality 10/40 oil for it and replace every 8-10k ? Or must it be that Motorcraft brand. Where I live - Summer is 30-40 Celcius and Winter 10-17. It's a 1.6 ZETEC focus... Thanks !
  4. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    Thanks for the quick replies ! I'm going to like this place :) It's a 1.6 Petrol, GHIA trim Automatic (hate clutches and yes my testosterone levels are normal). Cambelt was just done at ford. It's also serviced and MOTed. Price is peanuts. Sounds good ? By the way, is there a dipstick to check the ATF ? What should it look/smell like to see it's good to go ? Cherry smell and red color like my other cars ? edit: another small issue: I have 5.25 Pair of speakers from my old car.. Can I fit them on the front of the focus with these ? And, on the rears, and pre-made 5x7" will fit directly ? Such as these ? Or, are the OEM ones better than those Alpines ?
  5. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    OK guys, I found a really really clean 03 Focus Hatchback that looks and feels flawless. There not a scratch on the paint and it was looked after at Fords. BUT, it has done 105k miles. The car is the cleanest i have seen though. should that deter me in any way ? I would love to pick it up in the morning, thought id ask before if at that milage the ford engine is supposed to die. Thanks !
  6. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    Roger that ! So what is the last year of the MK1 classic type with the light frame ? 04 or 05 ?
  7. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    Aha thanks. And I almost forgot to ask, any reason why NoT to get an Mk2 hatch ? whats more reliable ?
  8. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    OK, I found nice hatcbacks with 70K miles. If the shop indicates they are in good working order and serviced, can I expect 150K lifespan on them ? Nothing is sure with cars, but is 150K realistic ?
  9. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    Also I was wondering, what size are the front and rear speakers on the hatchback focus ml1 ? I hope mu expensive sound system fits.
  10. Mk1 Focus Hatchback Or 04~ Impreza ?

    No VVT and no TURBO.... EXCELLENT !!! I have spent thousands of pounds fiddling with these silly inventions that don't serve any purpose other than aftermarket income to the manufacturer. Thanks ! Anyone else ?
  11. Hey guys ! New here... Hopefully if this thread goes well I'm here to stay :) my Volvo S40 broke down and I'm looking for a reliable car, without a turbo, automatic transmission, and cheap repairs. I like how with the FOCUS you can buy replacement parts at the supermarket ! Parts are all over the place, aftermarket and OEM. And pretty cheap. Impreza is just much nicer inside... But from what I remember that boxer engine with the 1.6 105hp is an epic fail ? My question is.... What are very known faults to the Focus Hatchback MK1 ? (02-04 is what im aiming at) ? Would you take one over the Impreza. Back in the Volvo club forum evey second S40 owner had a faulty heater panel and VVT valve....Was wondering if there's any repeated faults going on with the MK1 Focus. Thanks !
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Nephalem :)