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  1. Thanks for your input - even more to think about. 2.o engine would be my preference if i can overcome the DMF problems with my kind of usage. I am not a boy racer, so remap was only a consideration to bring a 1.8 up to nearly 2.0 power. If i went for a 2.0 i would leave it as standard. Removing the DPF is a difficult one as some people think it will be an MOT requirement to inspect and check DMF function before long plus the insurance comebacks if you were involved in a shunt. The 2.0 140 certainly would be my preference. Thanks again.
  2. Hi folks, i am hoping to buy an 08 mondeo soon and could really do with some sound advice. I have spent the last four weeks trawling the web for answers but the more i read the more confused i get, there is so much conflicting advice. I only drive around 8k a year and probably 80% is round town. I know this means i should probably keep away from diesels but my last 3 cars have been diesel, which i like and i have taken a liking to the mk 4 mondeo. I wouldn't get a petrol as the fuel consumption would be rubbish, so i have a couple of questions if anyone could please help. 1. Would a 1.8 tdci of this year have the dreaded dpf fitted? I have read that later models do but if so, what Y/M did they come in? 2. If they do have one, or if i was to buy the 2.0 model,which i believe is the better engine, would giving the car a good 50 mile thrash up the motorway every couple of weeks be enough for the car to do a regen and keep the dpf clear? 3. Are the 1.8's really as underpowered as some people say and would a remap to increase power be harmful to the turbo, clutch, egr etc? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums whitehawk :)