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  1. When I saw this post I had a look at mine. Same problem. Contacted Ford Main agent in Exeter (Vospers) as still in warranty , just. Very quickly booked in and hose replaced under warranty. The heat shield looks different and is better finished at the ends. Good service from Vospers.
  2. Hi, I have just replaced my 59 plate Focus for a 14 plate Fiesta. In the Focus forum there is a very useful post called Focus electrical Schematic. This gave as a PDF all the electrical schematics for the various models. Does anyone on the Fiesta forum have something similar? I found it very interesting and useful.
  3. Hi, The path to find the software ver on my DAB radio is Turn radio on, press menu, scroll to SYNC Settings, press enter, system info and it should be there. It was different before I changed the module and updated the software but the principle was the same. I think the screen you need to look for is called VMCU. Look at my earlier post for a pre software update screen.
  4. Haynes manual fiesta 2013

    Hi, Just seen this https://haynes.com/en-gb/ford-fiesta-petrol-diesel-13-17-62-17-haynes-repair-manual due end of Nov 2017. Put it on your Christmas list.
  5. loose rad

    Hi I had this same conversation with the dealer who sold me my 14 plate Fiesta. They assured me it was normal. The problem was that while they were sorting other issues out they lent me a 17 plate Fiesta. I had a look at that and it's radiator was secure with hardly any movement. When I returned the loan car I raised the problem again. The look of 'so what' said it all. I fixed it myself at home. Just pushed a short section of plastic tube over each peg. It took out all of the play. and months later it is still good.
  6. I don't think this can be disabled using the in car menu. It's not like the other options that have a tick box. You would have to go though Forscan again.
  7. Hi, I had a look this morning after loading the extended license to activate DDS. Not quite as straight forward as I thought it was but have completed it successfully Opening Forscan and navigating to config and programming > ABS. I went first to (as Built format) and saved the file. Back then to ABS module initialization. On opening this there was nothing there apart from relearn data etc. Bit confused now. Back to config and programming this time I opened IPC Central config main. Here I found ‘Tire pressure monitoring system’, ‘without monitoring system’. I highlighted this and double clicked. This opened an option box, clicked on DDS and the tick. Clicked on the Write box and the write backup and just followed the onscreen instructions, had a bit of flashing and ended up with ABS, traction control and tyre inflation warnings. I went back into ABS module Initialization and ran the relearn program. Warnings all gone just had to reset the DDS in the car menu. All now good. I have attached a few screen shots as a guide. The first two pictures are the before and after on the car menu. I would like to thank 540itouring for his help in this.
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I asked Hammerite about using their smooth black direct to rust paint. This was their reply 'Hammerite direct to rust would be okay for temperatures in the 80-90 degree margin. There is a product called Hammerite High Heat which comes in a black spray and can take temperatures of 600 degrees'. Hope this is of use.
  9. Same here I just had to reboot a few times. Nothing else.
  10. After successfully upgrading the Bluetooth module I have now updated the software to 5.9.
  11. 20k, early 2014, no issues so far but very wary and keep a close eye on coolant level.
  12. Hi, I swapped my AM5T-14D212-ED for a E1BT-14D212 HA module as it was cheap £26 inc P&P and from a 2015 Focus. Thought I would give it a go. It did take 2 reboots and fuse remove / refits but I now have BT track listings. The software appears to be 04.00.10 is this current for this module? Hope this opens up options as to what will work. Photo's 1 and 3 show the installed FPN of the 2 modules.
  13. Hello, I'm not having much success with the Ford dealer who sold me the car. Considerable book passing but no further forward. Could you possibly run through the Forscan set up to Activate DDS. My car already has Traction control and Hill start assist. Thanks
  14. I have just bought a 2014 Ecoboost Titanium X. Before I bought it I confirmed that It had DDS installed, it's build date is before the TPMS became the standard. Now I find it's not. I am unhappy at this and will be pursuing the dealer. As a Titanium X I would have thought it would have had this as standard. I activated DDS on my previous car, a Mk2.5 Focus using EML Config through the OBD port. Took me less than 30 min. I find it hard to believe the dealer wants it for 2 days. Fasty Did you get this sorted?
  15. Cheap and easy try a new OEM cap. Eliminate the easy one first.