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  1. After successfully upgrading the Bluetooth module I have now updated the software to 5.9.
  2. 20k, early 2014, no issues so far but very wary and keep a close eye on coolant level.
  3. Hi, I swapped my AM5T-14D212-ED for a E1BT-14D212 HA module as it was cheap £26 inc P&P and from a 2015 Focus. Thought I would give it a go. It did take 2 reboots and fuse remove / refits but I now have BT track listings. The software appears to be 04.00.10 is this current for this module? Hope this opens up options as to what will work. Photo's 1 and 3 show the installed FPN of the 2 modules.
  4. Hello, I'm not having much success with the Ford dealer who sold me the car. Considerable book passing but no further forward. Could you possibly run through the Forscan set up to Activate DDS. My car already has Traction control and Hill start assist. Thanks
  5. I have just bought a 2014 Ecoboost Titanium X. Before I bought it I confirmed that It had DDS installed, it's build date is before the TPMS became the standard. Now I find it's not. I am unhappy at this and will be pursuing the dealer. As a Titanium X I would have thought it would have had this as standard. I activated DDS on my previous car, a Mk2.5 Focus using EML Config through the OBD port. Took me less than 30 min. I find it hard to believe the dealer wants it for 2 days. Fasty Did you get this sorted?
  6. Cheap and easy try a new OEM cap. Eliminate the easy one first.
  7. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium 5dr

    As you can see from my post I have a few issues with mine. One other thing not mentioned here is the passenger seat belt keeps locking up when trying to put it on. Very annoying pulling out about 1cm at a time. Not been back to dealer yet as Sept is the earliest they can fit it in. !! Overall I am pleased. Just make sure what you think is fitted is there.
  8. Titanium X 2014 delivery issues

    Hi Thanks for all of this info. I didn't expect my 14 plate Titanium X to have the later TPMS with the sensors in each wheel. What I thought I should have was the earlier system that took its info from the ABS which monitors each wheel rotation speed. If a tyre becomes under inflated it changes the circumference and therefor its rotation speed in comparison with the other 3. After a delay to compare rotation speeds it puts a warning up. When I had a 59 plate Focus 2.5 Zetec this was not activated so while carrying out other mods using the EML327config program available on the Focus site I activated Deflation Detection System DDS and there it was. The ETIS for my Focus also said that it was also 'Less Tyre Pressure Monitor'. I would hope that it could be a similar situation for my Fiesta. I will see what Ford say when it goes back in for a few other jobs.
  9. Titanium X 2014 delivery issues

    Thanks for the above info. That just about answers my questions. As for the DDS I specifically asked this when I was looking at it and was assured it did as 'it had all the bells and whistles'. I pursue this as I recon it will just be a reprogram with Forscan
  10. Hi I have just replaced my Mk2.5 Focus with a Ecoboost Fiesta Titanium X build date 19/02/2014. I have several of minor issues which will hopefully be sorted by the garage (Ford Main Dealer) when I take it back. For a few of them I would appreciate a bit of advice from other owners. 1,The radiator is loose and rattles about in the two top mounts. Any others had this? 2,If I use the change up arrows as a guide the engine vibrates and is VERY slow to accelerate. It is as though I am changing up too early. It is fine if I leave it until about 2000 rpm. The arrow comes up at about 1500 rpm. Is this a software issue bringing up the arrows too soon? 3,The Sync system does not recognise track names or give a listing when using Bluetooth from my phone. I think this is how ver 1 works but I thought my build date should be 1.1. 4, The tyre deflation detection system does not appear to be installed! I thought that my spec ie Titanium X and build date should have it. I know system for my build date uses the ABS as per the hand book which say’s to access it I go to ‘Menu –Vehicle Settings – Deflation Detection’ but it isn’t there. Again is this a software issue? Looking at the ETIS for my car it says it is ‘Less tyre pressure sensors & Less Tyre inflation Monitor’ which I believe are associated with the later system. I had the same with my Focus and for this I used EML 327 to access the car and ticked the box and hey presto it worked. Overall I am pleased with the car especially the MPG and quiet ride. Thanks.
  11. OK thanks. I will keep ringing round the area but widen my search to include ***** and Moog. There is a SKF stockist in Exeter but they only seem to deal with actual bearings not the hub assy.
  12. Hi, I am also looking at replacing a rear wheel bearing, Focus Mk2.5 59 plate. Seems to be a big price difference between manufacturers. From £30 (Ebay) up to £157 Parts Direct First Line. Ford ones are £103. I see in this post that SKF are the OEM supplier so would prefer to stick with them. I have looked for a supplier in the Devon area but can't pin one down to being able to supply SKF. I keep being offered all sorts of other brands. Lucas and Orbis being the 2 most offered plus First Line apart from unnamed which I do not want. So my question is does anyone know of a SKF supplier in Devon / Somerset or who does mail order as I would suspect these could be cheaper than from Ford. Thanks
  13. Sony DAB upgrade

    Those part numbers (4 of) you quote are the ones I used. Not cheap but does work. Cost me £81.89.
  14. Emanualsonline

    Hello, Has anyone used the ? I currently use a Haynes for my 1.6 2009 Focus and find it ok but am looking for a more detailed manual. I see they advertise on this site but there aren't many reviews either positive or negative. Thanks
  15. Hi I have just had my 1.6 Focus 2009 serviced by a Ford Main dealer. I had a look at what plugs they had fitted. They are FOMOCO CYFS-12VN4 set to 1.1mm. I had a look on Google and the only pages that come up are Polish. Seems odd. I originally had NGK fitted. I will see how they run.