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  1. OK thanks. I will keep ringing round the area but widen my search to include ***** and Moog. There is a SKF stockist in Exeter but they only seem to deal with actual bearings not the hub assy.
  2. Hi, I am also looking at replacing a rear wheel bearing, Focus Mk2.5 59 plate. Seems to be a big price difference between manufacturers. From £30 (Ebay) up to £157 Parts Direct First Line. Ford ones are £103. I see in this post that SKF are the OEM supplier so would prefer to stick with them. I have looked for a supplier in the Devon area but can't pin one down to being able to supply SKF. I keep being offered all sorts of other brands. Lucas and Orbis being the 2 most offered plus First Line apart from unnamed which I do not want. So my question is does anyone know of a SKF supplier in Devon / Somerset or who does mail order as I would suspect these could be cheaper than from Ford. Thanks
  3. Those part numbers (4 of) you quote are the ones I used. Not cheap but does work. Cost me £81.89.
  4. Hello, Has anyone used the ? I currently use a Haynes for my 1.6 2009 Focus and find it ok but am looking for a more detailed manual. I see they advertise on this site but there aren't many reviews either positive or negative. Thanks
  5. Hi I have just had my 1.6 Focus 2009 serviced by a Ford Main dealer. I had a look at what plugs they had fitted. They are FOMOCO CYFS-12VN4 set to 1.1mm. I had a look on Google and the only pages that come up are Polish. Seems odd. I originally had NGK fitted. I will see how they run.
  6. Hi. I have a Sony 6cd DAB radio fitted to my Focus 2-5 with the correct Ford Ariel's. My daily commute has signal drop out at exactly the same points on the journey. This is a problem with the transmission. If I lived in these areas I would not be happy. DAB in this country still has a way to go but investment seems to have stopped.
  7. Hi I use the Halford Mesh dog guard in my Focus 2.5. Bent the lower edge to follow the contor of the back seat. I leave it fitted at all time as I can leave the parcel shelf fitted. It just clamps to the rear seat head rests. Easy to fit/remove if I need to drop the back seats.
  8. Hi, My !.6 ltr Petrol Ford Focus Mk 2.5 is fitted with Michelin Primacy 3 tyres. The recommended pressures for the 205/16/R16 are 30psi on the front and 33psi at the rear. I find this unusual as normally with the heavy engine it the front I would have though it to be the other way round. It handles well and the tyre wear seems normal. I would just welcome your comments. Thank you
  9. Hi Totaly agree with STONEY 871 post 8. I did this mod a couple of years ago. As I wasn't sure it would get through MOT I swapped the clear lense and red Cree back to red lense with clear bulb for the test and swapped back afterwards. This year I forgot. No problems at Vospers Ford main dealer in Exeter.
  10. Hi, I have had a chance to test the parasitic drain on my battery when all is off. Started off at 0.53 amp and over an hour drops to between 180 - 66 mili amps. It continually flickers between to 2 readings. I asume it is the alarm and radio causing this. This looks normal to me.
  11. Hi, Thanks for this info. The ETIS site worked fine.
  12. Hi, I have used the 'as Built data' www site in the past for my Focus but I am looking at getting some info on a car that my wife is looking at buying but I can't access it any more. Is there another way into this data base. I only have the car reg not it's VIN. Thanks
  13. Hi thanks for this info. I have done a bit of looking at this.The problem measuring the current is that some of the systems remain active for while then go to sleep, but not all. So to avoid waking them up I came across this site which explains it under 'Computer controlled cars' I've not tried this yet but I will give it a go soon and let you know what I get initially and after say half an hour. It might be of use in the future.
  14. Hi, Just came across this topic.I have had a similar problem. 59 plate 1.6 Focus Zetec. Came to start car at work the other day all I got was clicking and instrument and indicator lights flashing in synch. Got a bump start and drove home usually 12 miles of fast roads but did a few extra to boost charge. Spare battery put on charge just in case. I tried to start the car about 2 hours later. All was well so ran it for a while to replace charge. Next morning same result just clicking and flashing. Quick battery change and off to work. This has been fine ever since. Old battery taken to work as we have a dept that can test them under load. My 43amp hr was only lasting 25min under load not 50 - 60 min as it should so scrapped it. While I was in the battery dept the chap mentioned a parasitic load test just to check the car. He thought the drain should not be more than 150 milli amp. I am getting around 300 milli amp. I am getting 14.3 VDC from the alternator when its running and the battery is holding 12.3 VDC static so the charging circuit is fine. Does any one know what the drain should be with the ignition off, interior lights off etc so that only the radio/clock/memory circuits etc are live. Hopefully the new battery will sort my problem but am curious none the less about the parasitic drain.
  15. These Novero kits are getting hard to come by. Apparently they have stopped making them. The price is going up. Just bought one for £259. Yet to fit it.maybe next week.