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  1. What Engine Does My Car Have?

    Im sure this has been asked before. Im after info as to what engine is in my Focus. Im new to Fords. I have a 2007 registered 56 plate, Focus 2.0 TDCI. Basically i would like to know what engine this is, as im aware there are differnt variations from year to year but im unable to find any concrete info. My question been, is it a Euro4? Does it have DPF or not? Sounding a bit dumb maybe, but i would like to know this info. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Auto Window Closure Not Working Off Key.

    Sorry, i wasnt very clear in the post. They all work auto off the buttons fine. Its just off the key when closing/locking car. Only passenger window stays down.
  3. I have just purchased a 2007 Focus 2.0TDCI Titanium. its a 5 door and all 4 windows open and close 1 touch, when locking car and closing windows from the key both rear windows and drivers door window close, leaving passenger door window down. Could anyone shed any light on this as im baffled. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Dave20688 :)

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      Thank you :) And very useful i've found it so far.