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  1. Personally I've never seen the point. If someone wants to get a number of a car it's easy to walk down the street and see plenty especially on a common car such as the Focus.
  2. Good, bad or indifferent?
  3. Scottish girl, English girl, and Irish girl gets married. Scottish husband says that he expects the dishes done and the clothes done before he gets home each day. It took a day to see results, but after the second one he came home to fresh laundry and clean dishes. English husband says that he expects the dishes done, the clothes done, and the house to be tidied up before he gets home. It took two days, but he finally saw results after he came home on the third. Irish husband says that he expects dishes, laundry, house tidied AND a warm meal sitting on the table when he gets home. A day passed and he saw nothing. Another passed and nothing still. It wasn't until a week had passed that the swelling receded and he was able to see again! 😂🤣😁
  4. Coffee granules in the sugar bowl!
  5. Absolutely! Good manners cost nothing!
  6. Surely it's more important to let the drivers in front of you ie on the roundabout, your intentions? And by indicating right you are suggesting that you will be taking the third exit not the second! Here's a scenario for everyone. If the second exit was before the 12 o'clock position, would you indicate left before you entered the roundabout?
  7. 1st exit, I indicate left. 2nd exit, no indication until you pass the first exit then indicate left. 3rd exit, indicate right until the 2nd exit then indicate left. The angle of the exit shouldn't, in my opinion, make any difference.
  8. But according to Clive, and I respect his judgement as an officer of the law,, you would both be wrong. All I can say is that as a driver of an HGV it is really REALLY annoying to be sitting at an entrance to a roundabout watching cars entering from the opposite entry and indicating right ie to go past me, only for them to exit at my road, whereas if they had indicated correctly I could have entered the roundabout earlier and not be sitting there holding up the traffic!
  9. That thought did cross my mind but it would start getting too technical for me so I thought it easier to just admit I was wrong 😁 FYI 'favourite' is how it is usually spelt here 😉😁
  10. Hoisted by my own petard? 😁
  11. Yep! That's what I do but a lot of folk seem to think that because it's past the 12 o'clock mark they indicate right until they pass the first exit and then indicate left(sometimes) at the last minute! ☹️🙄
  12. I've mentioned this before in the 'I don't like' thread but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing it wrong and everyone else is doing it right! Below you'll see a pic of our latest roundabout. What, in your opinion, is the correct way to indicate to leave by the road at the top? ie the second exit. I know how I do it but seemingly most other drivers have been taught differently!
  13. In a similar vein to Jonro, inappropriate use of a apostrophes really boils my p**s!
  14. Spelling and grammar nowadays is atrocious! 😌😟
  15. I do! I make a thermos of tea everyday for breaktimes at work. 😉