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  1. None in this afternoon! Will check again tomorrow before we head up the road.
  2. Woopie!!! We're on holiday in Inverness so we'll check it out here before we go home. Cheers.
  3. Managed to get 57mpg on the way down!!! Car parked up for the night and having a quiet pint now to recover.
  4. Don't know what happened there! Yeah, down there to most folk will sound wrong I suppose. Boat leaves at 0745 for an hours crossing and then a 120 odd mile jaunt. Fuel and cuppa stop in Wick and maybe a stop for a look around a charity shop in Brora. Last time we were there we spoke to a woman who worked there who was born and brought up on the island I lived on.Small world.
  5. Somewhere on the 'Nairn Riviera' would be nice I think, lots of bonny wee villages.............with bonny wee pubs New car is a '10 plate Nissan Qashqai 1.6 diesel. So far quite impressed with it, managing nearly 40 to the gallon just puttering around town. Will be interesting to see what it does on a longer run tomorrow. Still got the Focus though, I use it for getting to work etc Congrats on the new motor, from what I know Mercs are built like tanks so should last you years I must apologise for excessive use of Emos, but I've just discovered the 'Additional Emotions' button!!!
  6. I know what you mean. We, Mrs T and me, like JOINING the ratrace a few times a year. Whether it's Inverness for some retail therapy or Glasgow for gigs etc it's fine to get away but it's also good to get back home I have now refused to drive to Glasgow! Too much hassle getting there and when you do get there it's a b****y nightmare getting around and finding somewhere to park! Must admit we like the Inverness area and have spoken about possibly retiring down there, but that's a few years away yet. And on that note..... I like the fact that I'm on holiday now til Tuesday and we're off to Inverness tomorrow morning First trip away in the new car so will be interesting to see how it compares with the Focus
  7. Just a joke we reckon anything north of Inverness is a different way of life therefore must be a different country hence the passport joke. We often joke about needing a passport to go to one of the outer islands or Shetland...........although in Shetland's case it's a different world let alone a different country!!!
  8. Did you manage to get through the Cromarty Bridge passport control OK? Know what you mean about 'open doors policy' up here we, as a community, usually leave doors open, although it's getting nearer to the time when doors will have to be locked the whole time!
  9. I like Tain, nice wee place. First time we stopped there a few years ago Mrs Turvey was needing a 'comfort break' so we stopped and asked a woman if she could direct us to the nearest public convenience. She gave us directions and then said that if they were closed we were welcome to go to her house! She then gave us directions to her house and told us it would be open and just help ourselves!!! Good luck with your purchase
  10. Apologies for the thread revival! Can you recommend an LED bulb for a cooker hood? One of ours has just gone and it won't be long til the next one goes! Would let something that actually lights up the cooker!
  11. Aye, weather's pretty sh#te out there right enough! I'm reduced to eating Twixs and Rockys for now, still holding out for a revamp with a quick turnaround. Mrs Turvey informs me her favourite wine was off the shelves for about 6 weeks before it came back with a new label!!!
  12. Down to my last biscuit!
  13. Never thought about it, but I'm guessing they'll keep the name and just revamp the packaging?
  14. Where's the 'Unlike' button?