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  1. Mrs Turvey and me agree with that but I think in Mrs T's case it's because it covers the sound of my snoring! Personally I like hearing rain lashing on the window when I'm tucked up nice and warm in bed!
  2. Best day of the week so far up here! We had it a bit rough yesterday though, peak wind speed on my weather station was 52mph, today's was 18mph! Speed showing between 0 and 5mph now.
  3. Funny that, our HP printer has just started doing much the same thing! Prints out a sample picture OK but won't print out type in either BLACK or COLOUR!
  4. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Work trousers and T-shirt was still on.
  5. I do like that our outside lights, which are linked to a sensor, DIDN'T come on this morning when I went to work, which means it's getting lighter in the mornings I also like that it was warm enough this afternoon to be able to remove my boilersuit (I absolutely HATE wearing boilersuits, they feel so restrictive)
  6. VERY unprofessional! Cable will flap about in the wind causing noise annoyance and chaffing, and nobody likes chaffing! and the fact that you say it looks unsightly says it all. Get them back!
  7. Don't modern cars use little/no fuel when 'freewheeling' when in gear as opposed to clutch in/out of gear?
  8. Crime fighter by day, Google warrior by night................unless he's on nightshift, in which case it's the other way round!
  9. Just as well you don't drink beer in my house then! 11 gallons of Stella in one sitting might be a bit much for you!
  10. Let's hope you never need to use it
  11. I don't like the auto-wipers on the Qashqai, or the new Merc truck at work for that matter! Either going flat out when there's little to no rain, or not going at all when it's p****ng down!
  12. That kinda reminds me of when I got my first haircut when I moved down to Aberdeen about 30 years ago. I walked into the place and got a haircut, handed over a £20 note and got a fiver back! I reminded her that I had given her a 20 and she pointed to the price board and right enough, 15 quid for a haircut!!!!!!!! This was when I was working in a bar earning £90 a week and still needed to pay for digs, food, bus fares etc Needless to say I didn't go back there!
  13. Replace wiper and air filter 10 minute job? Leave the cars dirty, they'll just get manky next time you go out in them
  14. I would hate to think of the damage I would cause myself with this!!! Love the old-school simplicity of it. None of the H&S BS getting in the way