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  1. Thanks for the feedback folks 😁 Got a Dot in my Amazon basket, will order it when we get back on Friday 😉
  2. Can someone explain to this cheuchter the thinking behind the taxis doors locking/unlocking? Do they lock as soon as the cab moves and unlocks when it stops? If so, to me that sounds wrong. Surely the time to jump out of a cab to avoid the fare is when it's stopped Or is there another reason I'm not thinking of?
  3. Anyone using an Echo or Echo Dot with a music streaming service? Mrs Turvey fancies getting a Dot and hooking it up to the hi-fi so she/we can call up just about any tune without having to faff about with phones or tablets etc Good points, bad points?
  4. Make yourself a pot of tea, get comfy and Google 'energy comparison' and start putting your details into the sites that come up eg Uswitch, Comparethemarket, etc etc it's boring but it does pay off 😉 A lot of it depends on your personal circumstances, ie if you don't use a lot of energy get a tariff with a lower daily rate with perhaps a more expensive unit rate but if you use a lot of energy a cheaper unit rate may work out cheaper. Your old bills will give you an indication of your yearly usage for comparison. Could be worth going through Topcashback etc as well. 😉 EDIT: We don't have mains gas up here so I only compare electricity tariffs but I believe there are some companies that will supply both and could give you a better deal taking both utilities. But, it could be cheaper getting them from different suppliers, you just have to put in the work to get the best deals 😎
  5. Aye, they can be a bit dodgy right enough. Although I think we've only had one slightly scary moment. We were following an artic heading north and it ground to a halt on the hairpin and started spinning the wheels and moving backwards! Quick check of the mirrors, nothing behind, reverse down the hill a bit to get out of the way. Artic made it up with much spinning and clutch slipping. Nice scenery though 😉
  6. I do like getting the one advisory for the Qashqai sorted last night 😀 One rear brake pad was worn more than the others so got them changed, mate at work is a mechanic in the garage and does homers for a select few. Pads changed, discs taken off and cleaned up, handbrake adjusted and reassembled with copper grease so hopefully won't sieze up again. £20! 😎 Hopefully keep Mrs Turvey happy when we're away on Monday, she wasn't happy about going down Berriedale Braes with 'dodgy brakes' 🙄😁
  7. I'm sorry, but I can't condone the use of any kind of alcohol for cleaning purposes!
  8. Aaron Kaufman from Fast 'n' Loud. I love old Yank cars and pickups and loved watching him and his crew turning what looked like rusty junk into something cool! 😎
  9. Saw this earlier on FB 😁
  10. How's the health?
  11. I do like walking through the duty-free shop in Glasgow airport and spying LITRE bottles of Caoruun gin for £24.99, normal size 700ml is usually about £35! So I had to buy one 🍸🍹🥃
  12. Glad I'm not alone!
  13. Thought I would share this with you in case it's of any interest to anyone. I found this app called VehicleSmart, available on Android and the Apple app store, put in your reg plate and you can set it up to get reminders for when your MOT and tax is due. The basic app is free but if you pay £1.99 you can get extra reminders for insurance etc http://www.getvehiclesmart.com
  14. And the most poignant one. This is The Clutha Bar where, as you may remember, a police helicopter crash-landed in 2013, killing all on board and 7 customers in the pub.