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  1. Sorry, but not for me. Old school V8 with lumpy cam wins it The days of me being impressed with 0-60 times etc are LONG gone. Give me something old and slow, a bit like me
  2. V8?
  3. Just a bit our joiner had lying about Thanks for the masking tip, wouldn't have thought about that.
  4. I don't like putting up coat hooks and the screw heads breaking off!!! Think I might have to go out and buy a Dremmel type tool to cut the screws down to the wood and mount the hook slightly to the one side.
  5. I think there are police officers on here that would refute those allegations.
  6. Apart from 2 days at Christmas and 2 at New Year the May Day holiday is the only we get off, so I agree with you!
  7. Cheers mate, to lose one cat was bad enough, but to lose two in one week due to someone's deliberate use of antifreeze as some form of pest control is really sickening!
  8. Cheers Jamie, aye, no very nice at all. Mrs and the kids are devastated. We found a fat-ball(what you would normally hang up for birds) that seems to have been soaked in anti-freeze or something similar so I don't think it's accidental. Whether whoever did it was after cats or vermin I really don't know though.
  9. Unfortunately Stella had to be put down this morning! Her kidneys weren't functioning so there was no point carrying on treatment and prolonging her suffering The SSPCA are supposed to be going to investigate it but I really don't hold out much hope of finding out who did it.
  10. I don't like having a second cat, Stella, falling ill with the same symptoms!!! She's been at the vets since 08.30 this morning and is on a drip and had bloods taken. She has definitely ingested anti-freeze, albeit in a much smaller dose than the first cat. She's being kept in for observation overnight and will get more blood tests tomorrow morning where they will be able to tell if there is any kidney damage, and any decisions about her future will have to made. BBC Radio Orkney mentioned it on their main morning and lunchtime bulletins so hopefully something will come out of it, if only to warn other owners of the dangers. Meanwhile, our third and final cat, Ozzy, is confined to barracks which he absolutely HATES!!! So, needless to say, it's not been a very happy household this week so far.
  11. A mere drop in the ocean compared to some of you!!!
  12. A friend of mine is the senior producer/presenter on our local BBC radio station and may be doing a piece on it as well.
  13. Uber driver?
  14. Unfortunately Harley had been put down before my original post Police have been informed, more for their information rather than expecting an investigation and prosecution. Also went past the other vets practice to make them aware as well, hopefully it was an isolated case but you never know.