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  1. Foo Fighters new album!

    Not listened to it yet, but have you seen them on 'Carpool Karaoke'? Pretty good.😎
  2. Fuel Pump ID

    Can anyone with more knowledge than me, not hard to do, ID what fuel filter I need for our daughters Fiesta? On the top there is the number 7V2Q-9C119-AD. Eurocarparts etc quote 2 possible filters, one with and one without heating. I don't think it has heating but would like an expert's opinion 😁
  3. Dashcams, again!

    Put a hi-vis vest/jacket on and take a clipboard as well. Stand at the window and write something down every now and then!
  4. I Met Ed China Today.....

    ......he's let himself go a bit since he left Wheeler Dealers!!!
  5. Parking Problems

    Ha ha! This popped up on my Facebook feed earlier 😁 could have been a lot worse!
  6. The Number Game...

    Just me playing?
  7. iPhone x

    WARNING!!!! Do NOT click on this link if easily offended! Mods, if deemed too offensive I apologize and please delete. http://newsthump.com/2017/09/12/iphonex-to-include-revolutionary-arsehole-recognition-technology/
  8. What's your "best looking car ever?"

    Any Mustang from the 60s 😎
  9. The Number Game...

    Do cable cars count?
  10. Learner Drivers On Motorways

    A fair point well put