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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39318602
  2. ***** hell!!! Do you rattle if someone shakes you? Hopefully the pain will start easing shortly mate
  3. She doesn't look old enough to drive, let alone buy her own car!!! God, I must be getting old!!!
  4. Mmm it was over a year ago and the GPS function has given up on my dashcam now! I'll have a play with it later on and see if I can figure it out
  5. This one worked for me the couple of times I tried it http://www.registratorviewer.com/index_en.html
  6. I don't have a watch list but I do like looking/drooling over old American muscle cars esp Mustangs and 1950s pickups etc! Can't see me ever being able to afford anything in that category but it costs nothing to dream
  7. If Conrad's been looking after that car it should be OK
  8. Fair point. I suppose every 'disaster' will make authorities aware of shortcomings in H&S etc which will help us all at later dates, whether we like the outcome or not ie longer queues at airport check-in etc
  9. Bet that cost more than Jamie's £180!
  10. Should have posted it in this thread
  11. I'm offended when I see boy boybands!!!
  12. I suppose the difference between the tea and the pubs etc and the tat I saw is, is that you are celebrating the building of the ship and of the shipyards in general whereas what I posted about is, in my opinion(for what it's worth) taking the p*ss out of the the sinking of the Titanic and the consequential deaths thereafter. If there were NO deaths I don't think it would really bother me
  13. ....when you wished you had bought seated tickets for a gig! 2 hours into the gig last night and my legs were killing me! Still aching a bit today. Must get in training before the next one Mrs Turvey admitted that she had tried to dry her hands under the paper towel dispenser in the venue last night! Although I think it was more to do with the amount of wine she had consumed rather than old age!
  14. That's worse than my scone joke was! That's kinda what I was trying to say. It doesn't REALLY bother me but it made me a bit uncomfortable. I thought my 'Herald Of Tea Enterprise' was pretty clever, in an insensitive sort of way.