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  1. OK folks, here's the reason I asked this question and would like your honest opinion. A couple of months ago a neighbour changed her number plate to a 'private' number. Now this number is showing up on the website as being MOTd and taxed but when I check on it's still showing as uninsured! As an aside, and I have mentioned her here before, her driving leaves a LOT to be desired and she seems unsure on what speed limits are! So the question is, do I put up and shut up or do I put an anonymous call in?
  2. I find flashing lights at folk, especially up here where the chances are you might know the other driver, just results in a friendly wave back!!! And sometimes it's the bus that needs to switch it's lights on! Seen quite a few busses up here recently driving on either very dim sidelights or dipped headlights with one blown bulb! So much for daily checks!
  3. The amount I see in the morning going about with no lights on is unreal! Lights are dual purpose ie see and BE SEEN!!! Switching your own lights off and on a couple of times usually gives the oncoming driver a clue
  4. I do like that after hearing about my incident with a hammer and axe head, as detailed in the 'I don't like' thread, a workmate gave me this today
  5. We bought a couple of them for our boys last Christmas, think they got fed up with them after a couple of weeks! They've lost the remotes now! I stuck one of the bulbs in the police sign I spoke about the other day, looks quite good with the colours changing
  6. I like receiving a large Jiffy bag in the post today! 3x100 watt equivalent(actually 10 watt) LED standard lightbulbs and 2x40 watt(3watt) LED cooker hood bulbs. Instant light now in the sittingroom and outside the back door as opposed to waiting 5 minutes for the old ones to heat up, and I can actually see what I'm burning now on the cooker!!! Am I sad in getting excited over LED bulbs?
  7. But have you actually tried it?
  8. Have you tried leaving the keys in the house and trying to open/start it?
  9. it used to have a handle but it broke!
  10. We buy bags of kindling from a charity shop, saves me the bother and helps a good cause as well. I take home the blocks from old pallets and split them by placing a handless old axe head and hitting it with a hammer! Only this time I managed to miss I'm now looking for a less dangerous method
  11. Mind you, I do have a mate who, many years ago, stole the old fashioned blue revolving beacon off the top of a cop car once!
  12. Ha ha! I must admit I have done some daft things in my day, but that would take the biscuit
  13. It was sitting in the scrappie and I asked if I could get it, so yes.......probably
  14. Don't think I've posted this before, apologies if I have(I'll blame Dr Murray's prescription!) but I do like the latest sign I acquired. Police sign off the front of one of the police stations. One side was broken but removed it and cleaned it up and stuck a light in it.
  15. Could I get that on repeat prescription?