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  1. No, we live in the 'big city' Kirkwall population 10,000 :-)
  2. Pretty similar prices here in the town, a wee bit less in the country. We've just had our 2 year old 4 bed house valued at around 235. I quite like seeing what you can get for your money 'down south' even around Inverness area there seems to be a big variation in prices, I suppose it's a lot to do with Location, Location, Location.
  3. The Alford house looks nice, nice area as well.
  4. That's pretty good, probably over £400 up here. Nice one mate
  5. Pics, address and housewarming!
  6. Been there, done that! I had a basin under the sink to catch the water when I undid the u-bend, caught all the water and promptly poured it down the sink!!!
  7. I know what you mean, I started off my spirits drinking career with dark rum and blackcurrant, progressed onto whisky and lemonade and then onto vodka and lemonade. Recently I've changed the lemonade for tonic and even drink 'neat' tonic as a refreshing drink! And I've started appreciating gin as well, a few years ago even the smell offended me! Lemonade is just too sweet for me now.
  8. Heavy rock from the 70s/80s AC/DC, Motorhead, Black Sabbath etc etc and depending on the mood some Pink Floyd. Anyone notice the difference different music affects your driving style? Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds came on the radio the other day on the way home from work and I cranked it up and after a couple of minutes I was down to 20mph(in a 30)
  9. A bit better than ours anyway! It is through wifi though and a LOT better than a lot of folk get up here so can't really complain
  10. Not sure where to put this, but I've just seen a woman walking a ferret on a lead! WTF?!!
  11. But if you stuck by the speed limit at all times........
  12. Ariel disconnected or bad connection?
  13. What kind of filter are you using? It can take a while for the filters to start working correctly. Do you have an air-pump? If you have an air-pump running an air-stone this helps get rid of the chlorine etc Have you got plants? These help with removing chlorine as well and help mature the filter. I know it's hard not to buy fish but you really should leave it a couple of weeks and then start to stock it slowly. I used to keep fish years ago and fishkeeping technology has probably moved on a lot since I last kept any. There's bound to be fishkeeping forums you can peruse and gain knowledge EDIT:
  14. Not being au fait with this age of Focus this is just a guess, but could is it possible to do something similar to what Lenny did to his reversing lights?
  15. On our trips south to Inverness we get over 50mpg, which is a mixture of a couple of 120 mile A roads driving and usually a couple of days driving around the Qashqai I hasten to add