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  1. Keep going back until someone listens to you! A few years ago I wasn't feeling well, went to docs, diagnosed with low sodium....had to add salt to everything for a fortnight. No difference, different doc diagnosed that I wasn't breathing correctly!!! Needless to say that was a load of cr*p and after getting the 3rd or 4th doctors appointment I saw a specialist and was diagnosed with MS! A bit different to what I had been told! What I'm trying to say is, YOU know when you're not feeling right and it's up to YOU to push for the correct diagnosis! Good luck ;-)
  2. That's the same ones I ordered for the Qashqai and they are fine.
  3. Another one tonight!
  4. I like that the 'No Beer Saturday' due to having to pick up a son after a party at 11pm has turned into 'Beer Saturday' because our daughter said she would go and pick him up! I also like the Scotland v Wales rugby score today!
  5. ...you go to bed at the weekend at the time you used to go out! ...your nasal hair takes longer to trim than the hair on your head!
  6. Certainly does happen! 3 or 4 times in the last few months I have got a notification saying that so and so has accepted my friend request.......that I didn't send!
  7. Well done You getting warmed up for March 14th?
  8. I don't like Facebook sending out friend requests on my behalf!!!
  9. Mrs Turvey and me agree with that but I think in Mrs T's case it's because it covers the sound of my snoring! Personally I like hearing rain lashing on the window when I'm tucked up nice and warm in bed!
  10. Best day of the week so far up here! We had it a bit rough yesterday though, peak wind speed on my weather station was 52mph, today's was 18mph! Speed showing between 0 and 5mph now.
  11. Funny that, our HP printer has just started doing much the same thing! Prints out a sample picture OK but won't print out type in either BLACK or COLOUR!
  12. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Work trousers and T-shirt was still on.
  13. I do like that our outside lights, which are linked to a sensor, DIDN'T come on this morning when I went to work, which means it's getting lighter in the mornings I also like that it was warm enough this afternoon to be able to remove my boilersuit (I absolutely HATE wearing boilersuits, they feel so restrictive)
  14. VERY unprofessional! Cable will flap about in the wind causing noise annoyance and chaffing, and nobody likes chaffing! and the fact that you say it looks unsightly says it all. Get them back!