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  1. At the end of the day it's a 15 year old diesel Focus! If speed and acceleration were important you/your dad should have bought a new RS/ST/Mustang etc etc Personally I would be happy knowing that the 4 tyres were all new and good quality with a good wet rating
  2. The Number Game...

    Damn! Too slow! Fat fingers meant pic posted twice and can't seem to edit pics!
  3. Can i park here before 8.

    I'm sure you could get a shopping trolley through there if you tried hard enough!!!
  4. Things I Do Like

    Take plenty of supplies with you
  5. You Know You're Getting Old When...

    Using the Vehicle Smart app, I've shown him the comparison between his car's MOT history and the Focus. Both 2005, Corsa failed 8 times and 5 with advisory's. Focus 1 fail(indicators not orange enough) and 2 years advisory, both before I had it and both for tyres near limit. I have omitted to tell him I take our cars to my mechanic mate who used to do MOTs about a month before they're due to get anything sorted beforehand
  6. You Know You're Getting Old When...

    Never thought of that!
  7. You Know You're Getting Old When...

    Since when did 16 year old boys listen to anything their old man tells them
  8. You Know You're Getting Old When...

    .... your 16 year old son buys his first car!!! And yes, unfortunately, it's a Corsa!!!
  9. The Number Game...

    It has 182 on the tailfin
  10. Things I Do Like

    I do like the Focus passing it's MOT today Mind you, it's only done 1500 miles since the last one. I only use it to go to work and back with the occasional dump run.
  11. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like that it's electricity tariff comparison time again! Got it down £100 per year so far though.
  12. Things I Do Like

    I do like having this bottle of beer tonight. Seemed appropriate given the weather conditions today