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  1. I don't like hearing this morning. It's the second one in as many weeks.
  2. Kinda puts my mildly annoying cyclists into perspective! Hope you're both OK 😉
  3. I don't like having to manoeuvre past around 20 cyclists this morning on the busiest road up here at the busiest time of day! They had cleverly managed to space themselves out to maximise the awkwardness of trying to get by them! A small group of 3 at the rear of the group with a group of around 10 in front of them, leaving a space just about big enough for a car but probably not enough for the truck. There was another group of about 6 ahead of them as well. Trying to get a space in the oncoming traffic and making sure that there wasn't an impatient car driver trying a dodgy overtake was a bit of a challenge! Took me about a mile and a half to get by them! Roll on winter! No tourists! 😁
  4. I do like the hitchhiker I picked up today. I know it's only a Red Admiral but we don't seem to get many up here compared to the majority of you 😉
  5. Ah, alcohol based names 😁 I named one of our cats Stella 🍺 Guinness, Bud, Beck's?
  6. Have they got names yet?
  7. I do like living this far North where yesterday's top temperature was only 15°C. The heat you lot are getting down there would do for me!
  8. Correct, well done 😁
  9. No
  10. Nope 😀
  11. A pie funnel? No 😂
  12. No
  13. Nope 😀
  14. Old age doesn't come alone!
  15. Motorway between Dundee and Aberdeen?