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  1. Stef123 been to the breakers yard today and got myself a replacement steering knuckle and hub plus bolts for £35.00. Now the hard work begins trying to get the rusted bolts of the one on the car. You were spot on with the helicoil trying to find the diameter and thread for the piece was almost impossible. Can I thank you for all your help over the last day.
  2. Stef123 The hex head bolts are just turning. I think I need re-thread the knuckle part with a helicoil kit but am not sure what size to purchase. I have looked the part up in the Hayes Manual and it is called the steering knuckle and hub. Thanks
  3. Steve do you know where you get the kits from? I think the part I am after is called the knuckle and hub. But would be interested in the kit?
  4. Hi everyone I am replacing the front brake pads on my focus and when I tried to put the caliber pin back into the caliber carrier it is just turning and turning. It appears the thread on the caliber carrier which is attached to the suspension strut and hub is worn. I cannot re thread so will have to buy a new carrier. Unless anyone can suggest an alternative. My question is what is the carrier called and where will I get a cheap one from. Thank you
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mike13 :)