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  1. I have a x plate 1.8 zetec focus and it has been standing still for a mouth due to personal reasons and went to start it yesterday and I had to jump start it off the wife's car and got the engine running. Gone to start it today and the car is dead. When i turned the key I had a ping noise and there is a click when the key is turned (this click was not present yesterday). I am not mechanical in anyway and would like some advice. I thinking the battery needs replacing, but I also am aware it could be the alternator that could be causing the problem anybody got any thought on this. Dave
  2. The guy who owed the car before me has just got back to me and informed me he has the locking nut key and will send it over, thank god for that. Dave
  3. I have looked everywhere including trying to get hold of the guy who owned the car before me but can't get hold of him, as I know he had new front brake discs and pads fitted before he sold it. I have found a set on eBay that look like they are the same, I might take pot luck ans buy them. Dave
  4. I am needing to change my rear brake shoes on my 2000 Focus and have come across a problem. The car is fitted with Ford alloys and I have not got the lock nut key (never came with the car, which was brought for me by a family member). I have phoned the local ford gauge and they have informed me I will need some new nuts as the keys are impossible to buy. Is this true is is there some where I can get a lock nut key.
  5. I have noticed my reversing light was not working the other day so put in a new build and still not working. On further investigation I noticed that the build does not sit tight in the holder bayonet and have discovered this needs to be replaced. Is this an easy job for a non mechanical person to do
  6. Hi All I Dave from Cornwall and just brought a Mk1 Focus.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Dave192 :)