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  1. Lost Me Wheel Cap!

    Sorry, I need to register an account to enable purchase??
  2. Lost Me Wheel Cap!

    Is this from a ford dealer?
  3. Lost Me Wheel Cap!

    Hi, I noticed today that I've lost a wheel cap of my mk7 fez. Only can think that it's come lose when I had my front tyres replaced. My wheels are the 17 inch alloys as part of the extras pack. Problem is I can't find a replacement cap on the ford parts website. They look too big to fit the alloys! Any ideas guys? Paul
  4. 1st MK7 service - Have I been robbed?!

    Yep, you've been robbed mine cost me £99.00 including V.A.T!! Not looking forward to my next service, as I expect that to be £250 plus
  5. 1st Year Full Service - Ford Fiesta

    Hi, My frist service at 12,500 cost me £99.00! Back in June at my local Ford Garage. :) Now I don't know how I got away with that one as this is the price is advertised for cars over 3 years old. I was expecting it to be £125. They also fixed my ESP issue were I could not turn it off from the button at no extra cost I don't expect to pay that for the next service mind so this was a bonus! On a plus note I'm know getting 44mpg regually as long as I'm not hammering it up and down the motoways at 80mph! The other day driving down to Kent, I drove like a Grandad at 65-70 top I got 50mpg, ok only for a few miles and it went back to 46mpg. I had to keep resetting the computer on the way back as thought I was seeing things!
  6. Removing Head Unit on New Mk7

    Any news on this can it be done I want more sound out of my zetec s!
  7. Changing my MK7 fiesta speakers from 4 to 6

    Don't fancy ripping my new fiesta to pieces, the speaker grills are present at the back nothing on the parcel shelf that I can see I didn't have the choice of the bluetooth option that comes with 6 speakes as I brought nearly new, Wondering if I could get it done by ford or some car sound company could?
  8. Hi, I had my Zetec S for over 4 months now (brought it nearly new) and I'm really happy with it apart from the fact that it did not come with 6 speakers. Only having the front speakers is annoying my 12 year old, as she can't hear her n-dubz in the back lol I was wondering if anyone knew if I could get a speaker upgrade? I know this was an option when buying the bluetooth and USB connection but I only have the AUX connection Hope everyone is having a great Easter. Paul
  9. Intoducing Mountune Mo (formerly zetec S Maureen)

    Hi Really tempted in getting this done but wondered how much it would put up my insurance? Could you please email me the video link My email address is paul_hibbitt@o2.co.uk Thanks
  10. Pictures: New Fiesta LED Footwell Lights Upgrade

    Don't think this is possible for Zetec S owners as it's part of the aesthetic lighting package not avalible on Zetec S?
  11. New Fiesta Rocker Cover

    My Zetec S hasn't got one either. I questioned this as every new car I have owned has had one. Speaking to my m8 who has a new focus he hasn't got one either, maybe ford cost cutting?
  12. No Zetec S Badge on new fiesta

    Took my car in today for the screen wash jets not working. They fixed it for free, the fuse had blown, seems that this has been a common fault in all fords during the winter, well that is what i've been told! Manager wouldn't budge on the cost of the badges, seems like they are happy to take your cash at first by after sales forget it! So I ordered my scuff plates and they will let me see the badges when they come in as they were unsure how easy they were to fit, they beleive they are the same as the scuff plates! Useless :(
  13. No Zetec S Badge on new fiesta

    I think so, was working over the cold snap we had her and when I look at the resevar it it's over half full and not frozen. No sound of the jets working or the wipers moving :( My guess is a blocked pipe or a fuse, should be covered by the warranty I hope! Should haggle with the manager for the badges as I will also be collecting the scuff plates next week Had the idea of asking them to fit the lot for free if I paid for the badges, as I pusume the badges stick on with the same stuff as the scuff plates?
  14. No Zetec S Badge on new fiesta

    Well they cost about £15 for the two badges, couldn't order as the parts department are closed on a sunday, but I think I should complain and get them free! I'm getting a little paronoid I have a bespoke new fiesta lol. Just came back from B&Q today and the screenwash wouldn't work, i.e no water from the jets or the window wipers would not come on, opened the bonnet and the screen wash bottle isn't frozen Can't see anything wrong, so another call to the dealer!
  15. No Zetec S Badge on new fiesta

    My ford fiesta is the new shape zetec s with full body kit.. Popped into Ford today to query why the badges on my car were missing and the manager said the first batch of fiesta had no zetec or s badges fitted as standard and they only started around december?? He said that he could order the badges for me to fit. Are they easy to fit?