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  1. Hi guys, my passenger headlight is playing up, it has done so since a few months back but stabilised for a couple of months. Today, it came back and I cant seem to get it back working. The main headlight bulb will not turn on. The previous owner had HID's in as the black shutter box has burn marks/hole in them. Anyone know what is wrong and what part I need to fix it? Cheers.
  2. Mk1 Mpg Dash Display

    Cheers guys, I think ill leave it for now as I will be upgrading around September time. I noticed recently that my petrol top ups dosent last me as long as they did, anything I can do to improve it? Would engine oil be a problem?
  3. Mk1 Mpg Dash Display

    Hi there guys, I have a MK1 Focus and I want to be able to read my current mpg. Is there a way to show this on the computer? Currently my computer shows my overall mileage at the bottom and above that its some other number e.g. xxx.x (x being a number, e.g. 324.1). I thought that was the mpg but shouldnt it be displayed as xx.x? Anyways, let me know. Cheers :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums pod8 :)