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  1. Hello All !! Rocky Here From Bridgend South Wales !!!

    That's what they say lol
  2. Hello All !! Rocky Here From Bridgend South Wales !!!

    Haha I got to admit the ford metal had impressed me Vauxhall haven't got anything special out at moment !
  3. Hello all Name is Andrew but my mates call me Rocky, thought i start by saying i used to own a Astra VXR for 4 years which i currently sold this weekend gone as wasnt practically anymore as she wasnt doing the motorway miles and i also had vauxhalls since i started driving age of 17 and finally made the jump to the darkside which is......... you guessed it Ford I now put a deposit down for a Ford Fiesta Metal Special Edition 1.6 , 12 Plate which i will be picking up towards the end of this month she is beauty and well happy with what i bought she is really nippy fairplay a start of new chapter for me Rocky
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Rocky Rowlands :)