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  1. Aec Module

    The problem is with the climate control, there is none. It appears to heat up initially, very hot, and then cool down, but too much. Not cold, but uncomfortably cool. Anyway, the dealership has just contacted me to say that the warrenty company will replace the part, something that seemed very unlikely yesterday. Thanks for your response.
  2. Aec Module

    Thanks very much for that. I'll certainly look into it. By the way, the dealership has just rung me to say that the warrenty people will pay for the repair, something that seemed unlikely yesterday. Good news.
  3. Aec Module

    No, sorry. I don't know what one is. The only reason I asked about the EAC module is that the local dealership said that it was probably this that was causing the fault. The real problem is that they were asking for over £450 for a replacement.
  4. Aec Module

    Thanks for this reply. It makes sense. Jim McG
  5. Aec Module

    Thanks for that. I'd heard something about Electronic Accelerator Control, but the fault on my car is to do with the heater climate controls so I really can't see the connection. As I said, thanks for taking the trouble to respond. Jim McG
  6. Aec Module

    Help. I have just been informed that my 2005 Mondeo requires a new AEC module. What is this??? Cheers
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums mcgj01 :)