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  1. Sync 1. It's in a 2014 pre facelift focus st3
  2. Wanting to do this nav retrofit but I'm unsure on one thing. My screen part number is DM5T18B955GB and the radio part number is BM5T-18C815-XM. Do I have to look for a screen with either part number? Can't find one anywhere with any of these part numbers.
  3. Thanks for the link Bannko but is this just for the sync 2 touch as mines the Sony sync1.
  4. How do you update the software to the latest version on a 2014 st3 with Sony head unitI? 'm looking at fitting sat nav in the coming weeks. Ive just ordered a modified elm so should have that soon.
  5. Many thanks for your help guys it's much appreciated, just ordered it. Phil I to would love to see the little sods face when he see a scart socket there lol.
  6. Hi all I just wanted to know if any knew if ford do a obd port protector and if so does anyone know the part number cause my local ford say that don't but I've seen otherwise.
  7. Yeah got a mk3 pre face lift but I'm wanting to retrofit sat nav but was thinking that if I have to get the Sony parts I wonder if the sync 2 was possible. I came across this on eBay 272717347370.
  8. What would be the process of retrofitting sync 2 to a late 2014 pre face lift?
  9. That's good to hear mate cheers. If it's not sold tomorrow I'm gonna buy it and then fit the sat nav.
  10. So of I get this car it's definitely possible to add sat nav. And once I'm able to get the part numbers from the car you can let me know what nav part numbers to get
  11. Can you not do ot just using the reg? Thing is I've not got the car yet and ford don't dish out part numbers for some reason? I just want to make 100% this can be done to 2014 pre face st3. And my other sticking point is this focccus cause I'm rubbish on computers.
  12. Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me? I'm slowly getting my head round all of this sat nav retrofit for a focus mk3. Does anyone know the part number and price for the following? sony facia with nav button the stereo surround facia with the map sd card slot fakra cable 2017 map sd card amd is there a loom or does anyone have a picture of the extra two wires I need? cheers in advance.
  13. Is there a loom I can buy from fords?
  14. So i have a 2014 st3 with sync 1 what part number screen and Sony unit would I need? Once I get these bits would it just be a case of fitting and adding the wires for it all to work?
  15. Thanks tezza for the link. It's good to see your still around. I remember you from the ffoc days where I brought a small fortune of stuff from yourself. Anyway a lot of that went right over my head and really didn't make any sense to me and not being very confident to tackle such a job. Was kind of hoping it was plug and play. Would it be possible to pm your the reg of the car and see if it's doable?