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  1. Sub woofer

    Hi hoping someone has done this or knows how this fits as there is no RCA inputs. Is it a case of cutting in existing speaker wires?
  2. Sync 1

    Right ok Cheers JW1982 I'll be on the look out for one.
  3. Sync 1

    Hi all is there anyway to get track names and artist when playing a cd and Bluetooth cause I don't? Is it a case of an update? I get them when using my iPhone plugged into the USB.
  4. Sync 1

    My APIM is from a 2014 PFL. What year would I need to source one from? I don't even get it when playing cd's. Would a new APIM be plug n play?
  5. Sat nav connections

    Just wondering what the different coloured plugs are for on a focus mk3 pre face lift? There's blue, black, pink and green. I'm doing the retrofit and was trying to figure it out. cheers
  6. Sat nav connections

    That's perfect mate cheers! Done my sat nav today and everything work (plug and play) didn't have to use focccus but this will be useful for when I do the reverse camera.. would like to thank everyone for their input on this thread and others, helped a lot, cheers.
  7. Sat nav connections

    How do you change the screen size using focccus? I have never used this program or this elm2 thing. Anyone got any tips on using these's?
  8. Sat nav connections

    I have the 9 speaker set up pfl with Sony head unit.
  9. Sat nav connections

  10. Sat nav connections

    That's brilliant mate cheers. Now I've just got work out how to use focccus and how to save my currant car settings and how to change the screen size.
  11. Sat nav connections

    Thanks for the link but it's not in English so can't read it.
  12. Sat nav connections

    So the Fakra gps plugs into the blue plug the Fakra cable goes from the pink plug on the fcdim to the black plug on the acm? Is this right?
  13. Sat nav connections

    I get that the green is for the camera and the blue is for the gps and black is for fm and pink for dab not I'm not sure where this extra fakra cable goes?
  14. Sat nav connections

    I was told when retrofitting sat nav I had to buy a fakra gps and a fakra cable but I'm not sure where this cable plugs into?
  15. Sat nav connections

    Lovely cheers mate! When doing this retrofit where does the fakra z cable go? Is it the two black plugs?
  16. Another sat nav question

    Hi all, I really want to retrofit sat nav to my pre facelift 2014 st3. Now I know I have to find a nav screen with the same number as my current screen (DM5T) but can't find one for the life of me. So my question is can I just buy a complete system i.e. Screen, fascia and CD player part from a car that is being broken. The number for these parts start with BM5T. Would it be a case of plug n play or will it need coding to my car? Is this doable? Cheers!
  17. Another sat nav question

    Right ok cheers mate.
  18. Another sat nav question

    Right ok cheers for the help. Think I'm gonna take the gamble! With the two wires what length was it and would any wire do? Also what type of connectors did you use? I have a fakra cable is this for the traffic? I also have a Fakra gps thing.
  19. Another sat nav question

    Yeah I've seen loads of them f1bt screens on eBay, all seem to be from fiestas. Might give one of these a try. Was it just plug n play and adding the two wires? forgot to mention my CD player part is BM5T. So if I buy the complete unit screen fascia and CD player all starting with BM5T from a car that is being broken it should all work no?
  20. So my focus st3 2014 sync 1 screen part number is DM5T18B955GB. Now I know I have to match the first four characters to a sat nav screen but do you think I can find one? No! So is there any other part number I can use or does it have to be the same? Does anyone know other than eBay to source one?
  21. So if I find one with BV6T would that work? Cause I can't find one starting DM5T. Where else can I look other than ebay?
  22. is it just a case of matching my first four characters of the part number to a sat nav screen with the same first four characters?
  23. Sync 1. It's in a 2014 pre facelift focus st3
  24. Wanting to do this nav retrofit but I'm unsure on one thing. My screen part number is DM5T18B955GB and the radio part number is BM5T-18C815-XM. Do I have to look for a screen with either part number? Can't find one anywhere with any of these part numbers.
  25. Thanks for the link Bannko but is this just for the sync 2 touch as mines the Sony sync1.