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  1. Hi I've tried everything above, but the fault remains. The problems lies with the passenger door. If I replace the central locking mechanism on the door will it resolve the issue, and if so what part do I need exactly? Thanks in advance Rik
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your advice, i'll take it round to the Auto Leccy and get this spare rear motor back on eBay. Thanks for all your help, it's appreciated. :)
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. Ok, so would that be the cables from the connector end (That attaches to the motor) to the entry point of the roof, or could it be inside beyond the human eye?!? Lol!! Thanks
  4. Hi First post here. Just bought my first Ford Focus. The rear wiper will stop in random positions, so like a bull in a china shop I bought a replacement motor, fitted it and the fault still remains. Could anyone please advise me where to look next, I suspect a wiring issue, but I'm more of a computer geek than an engine guy! Thanks in advance. Rik
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums rikstaparr :)

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      Hi, thanks! :-)