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  1. just got my car looked at and sorted out turns out it was just the battery after all the suggestions of what it could be haha but thanks for the advice everyone
  2. thanks will keep every1 updated on what the problem is
  3. thanks every1 will have a look into things and see what happens
  4. ok thanks yea if you dont mind
  5. ok thanks i have a 1.4 fiesta zetec
  6. thanks , it usually seems to drive fine once engine is warm
  7. ok thanks ile give that a go , thanks for your advice
  8. the engine light came on and the problems started
  9. ok
  10. the po500 and po420
  11. had to get break down people out other day as can normally get the car warm and rev engine for a bit then engine starts fine but this time tried the usual but got no revs or anything just wouldnt start at all
  12. also once the cars warm and starts up its fine drives like normal once engine stays on
  13. not sure about spark plugs need to ask my dad as he done them haha ,yea code were cleared and engine light came straight back on ,lights been on for months and had it cleared a few times and comes back on all the time , a zetec model
  14. my ford fiesta 2004 make keeps cutting out when i turn engine on in cold weather have to rev engine for bout 5 minutes to warm engine up then the car works fine , have had fault code test and says catalic converter and speed sensor errors have been told those wont be causing the problem, what could be the problem ive had new spark plugs fitted didnt change anything , confused had loads of different answers from various people including crank shaft sensor , lumber sensor , petrol pump , help !!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums becksta1234 :)