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  1. Please read this guys and pass on to anyone you know who might be interested:  
  2. Fiesta ST possible rejection?

    Sorry for the late reply, only just noticed this topic. If you want to reject for a full refund, you have more rights now but you must do so within 30 days IN WRITING. Basically, if a car is not of satisfactory quality within 30 days, the customer gets a full refund and rejects the car WITHOUT QUESTION. Just as well being as the small claims court is limited to £10k in value. Any battles outside of small claims can see you being liable to fees if you lose. You don't have long left so you need to decide soon and I see you are from Scotland (the Act applies there also). Please see the following information from the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (SOGA was amalgamated into the new Act so satisfactory quality has not changed) A consumer who has the short-term right to reject loses it if the time limit for exercising it passes without the consumer exercising it, unless the trader and the consumer agree that it may be exercised later. An agreement under which the short-term right to reject would be lost before the time limit passes is not binding on the consumer (so if your paperwork said 14 days to reject for full refund, it is overruled by the Act) The time limit for exercising the short-term right to reject (unless subsection (4) applies) is the end of 30 days beginning with the first day after these have all happened (a)ownership or (in the case of a contract for the hire of goods, a hire-purchase agreement or a conditional sales contract) possession of the goods has been transferred to the consumer, (b)the goods have been delivered, and (c)where the contract requires the trader to install the goods or take other action to enable the consumer to use them, the trader has notified the consumer that the action has been taken. (4)If any of the goods are of a kind that can reasonably be expected to perish after a shorter period, the time limit for exercising the short-term right to reject in relation to those goods is the end of that shorter period (but without affecting the time limit in relation to goods that are not of that kind).  
  3. Van driver doesn't do giving way

    They are generally well behaved in Matlock. This would indeed be regular in Nottingham for example. I drive into the city occasionally and you barely make a couple of corners without some berk doing some iffy driving. Standard protocol for van man in any case.
  4. Van driver doesn't do giving way

    There have been times I'd have had a right old rant about that van driver. On this occasion, I felt rather calm and the brief comment felt sufficient Pretty standard stuff for a van driver me thinks.
  5. Van driver doesn't do giving way

    So, there I am thinking I'll give way to the woman to my right. She gets blocked by the cyclist so off I go and yet the van driver decides not to bother slowing down or looking and just charges across the roundabout.  
  6. Watch out Badgers about!

    Its the Roadhawk DC-2. Excellent camera!
  7. Fiesta 2008 Duratec 1.4 Diesel - Smoking When Warm

    The car was returned to the seller and refund given less the small deduction as noted. Thanks.
  8. Fiesta ST vs Maserati GranTurismo

    Dashcam footage topic here:  
  9. Fiesta ST vs Maserati GranTurismo

    Epic drive home from work! Once I had got past the annoying old bloke taking up half the road in the Mondeo,  I was able to follow the Maserati and have a bit of a play. No ridiculous speeds and we couldn't go faster even if we wanted to because of the traffic. The driver wound his window down as I pulled alongside so I followed suit. We gave each other the thumbs up and he roared off! As we went our separate ways at the roundabout, I pipped twice in recognition and he put his arm out of the window and waved. Some minor speeding at around 72mph along the way as acknowledged verbally in the video. Enjoy! (apologies for the glitches in parts - Not sure what happened with the recording there)    
  10. Please read this entire topic:  
  11. Fiesta 2008 Duratec 1.4 Diesel - Smoking When Warm

    MAJOR UPDATE TO THIS TOPIC GUYS sazandy has been in touch to say this case has finally been settled. The seller who as we know from this topic did not want to know, wanted mediation because he was struggling for money and could do without going to court etc. The mediator went back and forth for 45 minutes and they reached an agreement (failure to comply with this would result in an application for a court order I should add) for him to take the car back and give a refund less a deduction (unspecified) to reflect that the problem was not reported within 30 days (it does help your case the sooner you report it). It was 5 days over. However, sazandy got the £170 small claims court fees back which is a bonus. The mediator advised that if they had gone to court, the seller would have to make weekly payments following a defeat as he is struggling for money. I believe that an out of court settlement like this does not give him the option of weekly payments so he would have to raise a lump sum from somewhere. Finally, the mediator advised that had it gone to court, sazandy had no proof that it was faulty. This would be because there is no independent report from a mechanic diagnosing the fault. All in all, we have a victory for the consumer and it is another case of a dealer boasting about it not being their problem and believing that he would not be challenged. He caved in out of court because he could not afford to lose. Please bear this in mind for future reference if you have a problem with anything consumer related. It is relatively cheap going through small claims court (£10k max for small claims) and sazandy paid £170 which he got back. This problem started way back in July but was pursued to the bitter end and resulted in victory. The reason dealers usually win is because many people do not want the hassle of it all. This is a prime of example of why it should be pursued. In this case, I could see arguments from the dealers side due to the mileage and lack of service history as per the Thain case I cited. If you have a car in better condition that a dealer is not interested in sorting a fault out on, just imagine how much stronger your argument would be. I'm always happy to help and advise if you need it. Dave
  12. Focus Mk2 1.6 Petrol

    £3k just isn't doable but I did consider a Mazda 3. I like the sort of funky interior but do they have heated windscreen on the model that was around from 04-08? I've heard that because they were owned by or associated with Ford, they would have it but I've never read anything concrete on that front. Similar to Land Rover which have had heated windscreens since the days of Ford ownership.
  13. Focus Mk2 1.6 Petrol

    I've been looking at those too. Trouble is, I've not spotted one without a manky steering wheel yet (posted a topic about that). Plus I was thinking that if a newer focus falls within my price range, it would make sense to go for it. Even though I prefer the looks of the Mk1.5