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  1. True. Luckily in insurance disputes its a case of the balance of probabilities so I guess they would conclude why on earth would I indicate left but turn right. Although some insurers just go split liability for the quiet life!
  2. I cranked the volume right up and can just about hear the indicator.
  3. The guy in the first clip did a u-turn at a bank of traffic lights and by the time he had completed it, the traffic to the right of the camera had gone to green! In the second clip, despite me indicating right and having right of way, the van driver went anyway! I hope I never have an incident where I need to prove I was indicating though because the indicators are ridiculously quiet and inaudible!! - Footage from Roadhawk DC-2.
  4. Just magnificent.
  5. Absolutely
  6. Can we just take a moment to applaud this man. Those terrible cowardly attacks summed up nicely.
  7. I assume there is some sort of watchdog that oversees car dealers and warranty companies etc. or at the other end of the scale, you try to prove that its their fault and sue them for cost of repair. Would be difficult unless you have documentary evidence of these fob offs. They will just say they never said that when confronted.
  8. On dashcam network now
  9. Someone beat me to it:
  10. This woman crossed the road at the top of a slip road onto the A38 and never once looked up! The stills show her lack of awareness. She made it to the pavement by the time I was level with her but I think this is one occasion I probably should have sounded my horn! She was also very leisurely about crossing the busy road I might add!
  11. Absolute bell end in the Fiesta!!
  12. The emphasis here is on the word should. It's a guide as to how long it should last but not that it necessarily will as there are so many variables. Have you had it since new? High mileage for 2013. My 08 Golf TDI only has 62k miles on the clock. I believe a cambelt is wear and tear so you might struggle to bring an argument of satisfactory quality using your statutory rights. Have you tried an independent garage? See how much they charge and get them to inspect it to see what their opinion is.
  13. Close call on the roundabout! Falling snow, high winds, frost and very slippery driving conditions. This idiot overtook in a 30 before tailgating me down the hill at speeds of 40-50mph. Absolute idiot. - Excuse the crap audio from the rear camera!