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  1. We could have a news style intro to these videos along the lines of "This week on dickheads" lol
  2. Absolute bell end in a Clio. Tailgating a Fiesta, throwing litter and a dangerous overtake on a bridge. Didn't check properly, just charged onto other side of road and not far from a head on.
  3. Any vibration at all through the steering wheel? I had a buckled wheel on my car once that gave me some grief. How long have you had the car and where did you buy it from?
  4. Well it didn't take long to catch some footage on the newly replaced camera. Any mitigating circumstances for the Nissan running the red light do you think? If I were in his position, I'd have stayed put because he isn't blocking the pedestrian crossing and unlike the cars in front of him, he isn't committed into the actual box to turn right and therefore not blocking the junction. It very much appeared like the Fiat 500 was trying to reverse having taken a wrong turn. Dangerous thing to do if so!
  5. My Roadhawk DC-2 (purchased December 14) was acting up recently and either not working at all or suddenly bursting into life mid journey. I was eyeing up a replacement camera when I realised that it had a 2 year warranty. I emailed their support people and exchanged several emails with their tech support manager. He said these were classic symptoms of corrupted data on the card and a simple format using the supplied software was insufficient. The card needed a full format which can take quite a while in some cases. As I use a Mac, he said I needed to download SD Formatter in order to format it to the required settings. This failed so I boxed it up and posted it to them. They ran tests and it is indeed faulty. Brand new DC-2 has been posted and is now up and running nicely. Very pleased with the service.
  6. Berk! By the way mate, the infamous mini roundabout up the road from me that has been the scene of many videos has been replaced by a set of traffic lights and a widened junction. Now my dashcam has been replaced (separate topic coming up), I look forward to gathering evidence of the red light runners I have already noticed when out walking the dog!
  7. Well said
  8. This berk in a Peugeot came flying up behind me and actually braked to the point of tailgating before deciding to accelerate into the outside lane to get past me before the exit. All in the wet and didn't it make so much time up for him? WOW!
  9. Well it was a superb walk yesterday and the weather was glorious. Milldale where we stopped for lunch is a lovely little village. The £600 mark has now come up and here are some photos from the day. Thanks for any donations made by anyone on here. image free hosting
  10. From video description: I can see what this guy was thinking. Get a better line of attack to go into the car park opposite as shown in the pics that follow. However, had he gone closer to the junction still on his side of the road, he would have been able to check if the road was clear and still make the entrance. If I had taken the corner faster, there could have been a collision and he would have been at fault albeit offering his line of attack to the car park as mitigating circumstances - Footage from Roadhawk DC-2.
  11. Yes much more reliable. I've spoken to several people who know their stuff and the 1.9 received praise whereas the 2.0 is generally not recommend for reliability