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  1. It seems odd, cos the pipe burst at the same time as he opened the tap nearest to the bulkhead. I think its all a bit fishy, but can't prove anything. I'd change it myself if it was possible, I'll tackle most jobs myself, but air con is a different matter. I may take it to my usual Local garage, trust me to try to get it done cheap!
  2. One near the front. Black. Not sure how to identify it really.
  3. With the recent warmer weather, and lack of cold air from my air con, I took the car to be regassed. £35 and 20 minutes apparently. However, after the pipes had been connected to the car and the new gas started to go into the system, there was a large bang. The mechanic peered under the bonnet and found a split hose, which is apparently going to cost £295 to replace. Looks like its going to be a warm summer for me! Anyone had this happen to them?
  4. This sound continued, and got worse. It was the ESP cutting in, as was suggested. I changed the Continental tyres at 2mm, and bought some Davanti tyres (I know, I hadn't heard of them either), and the issue went away completely. Obviously it is a very sensitive system, and doesn't like low tyre tread. I do like the new tyres though, very quiet and grippy in the wet and dry, haven't upset them yet!
  5. I haven't driven for 9 weeks, and am getting seriously bored! I broke my collar bone in September wrestling a lion (actually I fell off a pavement-sober!) The bone was poking up into the skin, so after an operation, a titanium plate and some hefty physio sessions, I'm still not ready to get behind the wheel. Anyone else been out of action for this long for a similiar thing? By the way, I drive for a living, so have had 9 weeks off - (paid thankfully!) I want to drive again!!!!
  6. Could it just be that a hose (the one thats spurting water) burst under pressure, and let all the water out in the form of steam. (I had a Nissan 200 do that to me once) Then steam would come out from under the bonnet (it shouldnt with HGF) and there would be a lot of steam in the mirror coming out from under the car. How are we sure it was coming from the exhaust? Did you stop to look? The problem is that the car was then driven with no water in it, which may have done further damage. Or perhaps I know nothing, in which case I shall retire back to my cave.....
  7. Tyre pressures are fine. The ESP light on the dash isn't flashing, I know what it looks like as the one in my Transit spends a lot of time flashing when it is being driven briskly! Also I never hear it working in the Transit, just feel it. Front brakes on the Focus are under 12 months old, and tyres have around 4k on them. Im not that worried, everything seems to be working fine, it just sounds a bit odd.
  8. Thanks, It seems a bit strange that I've only recently started to hear it, as I have had the car for 2 years and not heard it before. At the speeds it is happening at, I'd be very surprised if ESP would even begin activating. Maybe the Contis aren't as grippy as I thought they were!
  9. Anyone?
  10. I have a 2008 Focus 1.6 Zetec 100. Recently it has started to make an odd clicking noise when cornering at speed. It is not a CV joint. It sounds electronic and regular, almost like a relay switching. The sound appears to be coming from behind the dashboard towards the left of the car. The sound only occurs when cornering right at speed - not fast, but enough to load the suspension, like a long sweeping right hander. It sounds a bit like the brake self test noise you hear at 12mph. I think it may be related to the stability control but it seems to have no adverse effect on it. Can anyone throw any light on it?
  11. I run about 35 all round on my Focus, too high a pressure can reduce grip, increase wear accross the middle of the tyre, and cause problems if you hit a bump or speed hump too fast, as there is no give in the tyre with that pressure. Ooops.... wait a minute......
  12. My Focus and my work Transit both do the same when I plug anything into the lighter socket.
  13. They are great, I've got a 2008 1.6 Zetec and love it. There really is nothing to dislike about this car (and trust me if theres a fault, I'll find it), but the best bit is how it drives. You will also struggle to find a genuine negative review online. And for good reason IMHO.
  14. Mine is the same, I don't have the dimmer knob either, and my stereo was factory fitted. I bought a switch off e-bay a couple of weeks ago, and it worked to dim the display, but the headlight height adjustment knob was broken so it had to go back. Haven't found another one since.
  15. Hi, I have been driving my Focus for about 12 months now, and love it. It's a 2008 Zetec 1.6 in Sea Grey with Comms pack and Sport pack, and was a local Ford Demonstrator. I live in Torbay in South Devon, and spend a lot of time on Dartmoor, where these photos were taken. I spend a fair bit of time polishing it too. There are a few more photos in the gallery.