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  1. RT @SundayLeagueFC: How to deal with that cocky left winger

  2. Car Whistling When Accelerate.

    Basically every time i put my foot down on the accelorator i hear a whistling noise. I had an MOT & service last month, i mentioned it too him, he said its common with fiestas, tbh i think he just said that... I had it before and it went a little bit for a while and now come back, what could the problem be? Thanks Chris (fiesta 1.25 zetec 95 plate)
  3. Apparently i look like Lee from Steps -.-

  4. Think you've eaten enough chocolate, dont you love?

  5. Instagram -> chriscourt215 👍

  6. Need to delete the twitter app when i go out. Somehow quoted myself .. -.-

  7. And @DeeviantDnB that madsive teabsformer

  8. See no Evil is a !Removed! up film

  9. Cheers love. Dunno why i bother

  10. Work has been madddd!!

  11. Im !Removed! at holding a grudge

  12. The Ironing Board look does nothing for me

  13. Drinking Gin to try get you to sleep :/

  14. Im probably the only person that doesn't find a staff 'cute'

  15. Really in mood for abit of footie