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  1. Sorry for the long delayed response. Turns out 1 inkector was knackered 1 more was on the way out and needed a new heated o2 sensor. All is good now Sent from my GT-I9300 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Soon as the rains stop I will put them back to normal and try and get some injector noids ASAP
  3. I realise that, but I was curious to see if it still threw up errors on the same injectors. Come to think of it, "injector 3" is actually injector 1...
  4. I tried to keep it in order (1,3,2,4) so its the wire intended for injector 1, I only done this to see if it would change the codes I have got. Unfortunately it's decided to rain so not had the chance to put them back to normal and rescan. I don't mind buying the noids but to my knowledge there's no where local that I can find that are open and have them
  5. No the cables that go into the injector, I'm beginning to think it's an electrical issue
  6. Ok slight update, not really had much time to work on the car, but managed to get a minute today. I have swapped the cables so the 2 that were throwing the code are now on the 2 that weren't. Weirdest bit is now its coming up that injector 3 has a problem and the o2 sensor, it has left me slightly confused! Sorry for the late reply
  7. Slight update. Managed to get a OBDII reader, says P0201/4 (Injector circuit open cylinder 1/4), the spark plugs are also wet. Pulled the plugs individually, 1 and 4 seemed to make very little difference but 2 and 3 made the engine stall
  8. The dash says DTC 412 but the machine says injector 4, 412 points to the lambda sensor but injector cleaner got it working before
  9. Hi first post so here goes... Gave my sister my ka and after a while it began to struggle to start, possibly because it hasn't been driven much. One night took it for a drive, all was well then it began to misfire and eml came on. Since then it varied from feeling like it has a 200cc engine to a 1 litre. I managed to sort it by using injector cleaner and going for a drive, it fixed it for a while then the light came back but the car ran fine, it has now gone back to what it was even after trying the cleaner again. Have changed the coil, ht leads and sparks. Not sure if I should get carb cleaner and clean the injector manually as its shows up on the OBD. Would that be the best course of action? Have I missed something or is there a bigger issue? Thanks in advance!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Nico 22 :)