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  1. Happy Birthday Badman!

  2. Hi, Yesterday I replaced the rubber hose from intercooler to egr valve as it had split. on completion I started the engine and noticed the engine warning light did not go out, I checked that all the electrical plugs were connected ( I removed the plug on egr valve and the one on plastic bend below radiator ) they both seem ok but I did find I had forgot to reconnect the vacuum pipe to egr valve. when the pipe was reconnected the warning light still stayed on. Does this need to be reset via fault code reader / computer or does it reset itself when faults have cleared? Any help on this will be appreciated, Badman ps. the car is 2006 2.0L estate with electeic egr valve
  3. The noise becomes audible @ around 15/ 20 mph and sounds like a rumble but it also sounds as if something is catching. The noise is almost inaudible when steering is straight ahead, it becomes slightly worse when turned to right but becomes quite noticeable when turned to left, it can also be felt through steering wheel at that point. The noise does not get worse on full lock, as would be expected if C.V was worn.
  4. I have a problem with my 2006 2.0l tdci estate. Last year I had 4 new tyres fitted in October, the front offside one has worn so bad I have just had to replace it. I had the tracking checked just after the new tyres were fitted and it was ok. I have now noticed a noise,I think it is from the offside wheel, when the car is moving forwards and either left or right steering is applied it seems to "rumble". Could it be the wheel bearing ?, Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I have a 2.0l tdci Mondeo estate titanium 2006 reg. It has developed a problem with the reversing lights-they wont work and its driving me mad trying to fix it. I have checked the bulbs and they are proven to be ok, I've checked the fuse and that is ok. I have removed the plug on the reversing light switch and checked that the switch is working ok-it is,I've checed from the plug down the Green/white wire there is a circuit through the reversing lamps, on digital resistance meter I am getting about 1.5 ohm from plug to ground. I have checked that there is 12v at fuse holder-there is, and i;ve cheched the other side of fuse holder to plug -ok, so it should work but it wont. Has anyone had this problem or similar or can offer advise I would be extremly grateful.
  6. I think that I have this problem on my 2006 mondeo, but is it usual to loose all power on hard accelaration? . I get smoke when I give a bit of quick acceleration but if I floor the accelarator the engine will start to go but then loses power and the "glow plug light " comes on, if I turn engine off and restart it is back to normal.
  7. I have read in these posts about this "Forte "treatment,where can I get some and how much is it?.I have also read that the euro 4 needs a blank with a small hole but in other posts it is a plain blank with no hole. Which is correct?
  8. I have a 2.0l Mondeo titanium estate-December 2006 reg and have had similar probs, but not as bad, as described above. How do I find if it is euro4 engine(what is a euro 4 engine? ). The car is high milage (125000 ) and runs better than my previous petrol Mondeo exept for smoke on hard acceleration. I am getting ready to do oil/filter change so am thinking of blanking the egr if I can. Will it be ok to do it or will it cause any problems? Hope someone can enlighten me.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Badman :)