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  1. So my 2001 Ford Focus is a real beast, faultless and the only repairs are those that are picked on up MOT. I love it. I drove to work earlier this week. I left it at work for about 3 days as I was away. I came back and drove out. SYMPTOMS Driving forwards, round bends = OK However, if I turn the steering wheel round a lot, like say, more than one rotation it starts cracking/crunching/clicking It sounds similar to the hub cap coming away, or something obstructing it (but this isn't the issue) I'm not sure what it is. The car drives fine, it's just when steering harshly, like parting. Going round roundabouts are ok as it's not all the way round Any ideas?
  2. I have a Y reg (2001) Ford Focus. The radio for the past 6-12 months has been playing up. All the buttons on it don't work except the OFF button. The only way to control it is from the steering wheel thing and that controls volume + can scan up/down for stations. A bit annoying. Anyway, I am starting a new job in 6 week where I will drive 25 miles to work. With the extra mileage I want a radio that I can get more out of. For example, I really would like: AUX port for my iPhone Ability to play MP3's on CD's ... I see the DAB car radios are quite popular and found this on Halfords - The reviews look excellent. What is the consencus on this? Is there any issues with this working in my old car? Thanks, Redrabbit
  3. Hi Everyone, Currently I have a 2001 Ford Focus Ghia which is 1.8 Petrol. It has 102'000 miles on the clock. It's not that economical and costs about £240 a year in road tax, and every year will fail it's MOT on something. Saying that though, it is very reliable although quite uncomfortable. The car is probably worth £400-500. My Needs I am 31, no family and no plans for family. I am due to start a new job in the next few months which is 25 miles away - mainly motorway. So that's 50 mile round trip. As a result, I really want cruise control Economical is a must ... Low road tax Relatively low mileage ideally, 30'000 or so if that's achievable? Saying all this, I've decided that I would like the car to have a bit of power in it. I'm not at all a "boy racer" but I just don't want a car that takes an age to speed up... my current car is pretty good in that respect, quite zippy. NOTE: I know I'm asking for a lot! Budget As stated, £10k probably. I plan to get a loan and pay it off over 3 years or so. I've been mainly looking at Auto Trader just for ideas. I've had my eye on the Ford Focus Titanium as I know that has Cruise Control, DAB radio. Also appears to be a solid car. Is the X version just got heated seats and half leather seats? I think a Mondeo is too big and I don't want a Fiesta. I've looked at other brands of cars but I'm a big Ford fan so probably will stick with it for now. Thanks, Redrabbit
  4. I have a Y reg ford focus with just over 100k on the clock and runs really well usually. I've been away for 4 days and now the car won't start. Initially I heard a clicking sound behind the glove compartment area (near the battery then I guess). I also saw the dash board warning lights were illuminated as usual but very dim. Now, there is no clicking, car doesn't make a noise, no lights, etc... From online searches I believe I need a new battery. I do have access to the AA via my GF but I have in the past paid £100 for the battery and after became aware that they are available for half that cost. I've searched online via my registration - at GSF Car Parts, and other sites, and the prices vary from around £33 up to £100ish. Is there any reason to pay more? What is a reasonable price? Any recommended websites? I can fit it myself, and the car isn't needed immediately so can do next day delivery and just wait till it comes. My Focus btw is: 1.8L Petrol No modifications Nothing non-standard as far as I know So requirements are fairly basic. Thanks
  5. Good news everyone Took it to mechanics and they test drove it twice. Once on local residential roads and secondly on the motorway up to 70mph. They said to me "we're confused as the car runs perfectly" Long story short ... They recommended better quality front tyres as my exciting ones were cheap budget ones with 2mm left on. MOT in May so it's sensible. Also did the tracking and its now a lot lighter and easier to steer and drive. I can tell already the tyres are better as I just feel more solid on the road They did say the exhaust issue - part has a hole in that will need changing in May for MOT but it can wait. Plus also the entire length is corroded but I can change it in over time to help budget. Lucky the garage is good or I could have easily got ripped off
  6. Troy yea that's true However the car now feels slippery when turning right. I just mean it's loose. Like the wheels are sliding but the tread is fine
  7. Yea it could be I guess It also needs a replacement exhaust as it currently sounds like a boy racer! In the last 4 months I've renewed wheel bearing in rear wheel, and also replaced break disks/pads. So I'm just a bit fed up paying out to fix things at the minute, albeit they are mostly wear and tear items
  8. I've googled the issue I'm having and other sites were also saying suspension - either broken or unbalanced in same way. It sounds expensive... Not sure I want to pay for repair! I am popping it to garage tomorrow for diagnosis.
  9. I have a mk1 focus - y reg. Last night about 1130pm I finished work. I was driving through a tree lined road and went round a fairly shallow right bend. The car rotated as if on ice, a full 90degrees and smashed head on into a brick wall. I had no control when it slid. It hit the wall at about 20mph. Airbags did not deploy as it wasn't hard enough hit I guess. Ive been lucky - no one coming the other way. I am unharmed and car seems fine. It's scratched a bit at front but don't mind that as its old and is not in the best shape anyway. My question: The car seems "loose" when steering to the right. It seems like it's not in full control, almost like when you steer right the wheels do their own thing. I've checked the tyres and they have enough tread and no issues with them I think. Turning left seems absolutely fine. I'm quite sure this isn't in my head. But maybe that's why the car slid last night? Is there a reason for this?
  10. Thanks for your tip on this, although I'm really struggling to find one suitable for my car. I've found a few old ones, lots for other models and years. However, a black one, for a Ford Focus ghia, mk1 2001 seems quite difficult to find.
  11. I have a Y reg focus with those stupid "cup holders" that are unable to hold any cup, drink or bottle. I bought a rubber thing of eBay to fill the gap however it doesn't work. Seller informed me my car is pre facelift. I've searched and only one thread on another site looks relevant. There was no solution. Just people saying not to use the cup holders. I really want a place to put a thermos. Particularly on the journey for work. Is there a way around it? Or a cup holder I can buy and put somewhere? Thanks
  12. I was listening to my car driving the other day and it sounds a bit deeper than normal. I parked up today, and got out and listened. At the rear wheels, I can hear a deeper than normal sound. It sounds a bit like a car purring, if that makes sense, with more air than normal coming out... maybe there's a hole somewhere? The car seems to be driving well I have no clue on cars, but could it be a hole in the exhaust, or something else? I'd like to try and solve this myself and can't afford to book the car into a garage. Thanks everyone
  13. I have no deposit though at all. The money will be paid by loan which is why buying outright suits me. The ford options seems to need quite a big deposit I'm also a bit put off by those schemes as you seem tied in a bit. I will look again later though. Thanks
  14. Oh and I also see that the vast majority of the cars are zetec. Do you think I'd be wasting money going for titanium?
  15. Been looking at loads of cars today online. Pretty much set on 1.0 titanium focus - the new shape. my original plan was to buy for £8k. But I can see that for around £12k I can get the car with about 5000 miles on the clock with the car being just a year old. I wonder if in the long run that's better. Newer car, 2 years on MOT, low mileage, less issues, easy to sell on I know that's a big jump in budget but it's a car I would keep for quite a while