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  1. After getting a nice newish car I've become a bit obsessed with keeping it nice and clean. My previous cars were all really old so wasn't too fussed about it. I saw this on Amazon - It was £120 but is now £50 I don't have a driveway, the car is often parked on the road, sometimes about 10m from my front door but sometimes a bit further. I thought it would be good to have an option of just running out with it and spending 5 minutes just clearing up inside. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Great! Thanks for reassuring me. I don't mind how they look, can barely see them anyway so just wanted to check it wasn't an issue. Thanks again!
  3. I bought a newish focus about a week ago - only about 2.5 years old. Today I noticed that the brake calipers look rusted: I don't know much about cars and did a bit of research online. Some said that it's fine, it's just water and air thats caused it and it's not a problem at all. Infact that's all I saw, I didn't see anyone sayingit was really bad. The Seat/Mazda dealer I got the car from say that during their service (I take that with a pinch of salt) they noticed the brake pads at the front were worn so they replaced them. The car brakes fine, no driving issues, just the appearence that is rusty. Do you think this is just a normal issue with calipers and nothing to worry about?. Thanks
  4. This worked! Arrived today and worked instantly. Thanks! Im sure there may be a way - I will have a look - but I hope there's a way to turn off some notifications and warnings: eg - warnings about sat Nav usage for the driver... emergency assist is off (yes I know!!!) ... a few other things. Like I said I've not done too much fiddling so I'm sure there's a way to customise things further
  5. Avi I was wondering if my TitX (the 64 plate one) had changable colours. I've checked the manual and it just says about dimming them. Not the colours. I've also tried the Ford site but it's like a maze trying to find the information you need
  6. Thanks - would that microfibre cloth be good to smooth out fingerprint marks/smudges on the touch screen?
  7. Just got a newish Focus. I've never had a nice car so in the past a stain or scuff here or there never bothered me. Do you guys clean the inside much and if so what with? In the past I've used the hand car wash people and they put this oily stuff over the dashboard which is quite nice actually. Im going to pop down to Halfords later and pick up some supplies Will also get some air fresheners too. Not sure which one yet though
  8. Yea after I reset it car has been fine. Drove a total of about 25ish miles and no issues. In just over a week I have appointment with ford to get a second key made up. So I've got a good week to make sure there's no issues. If there are I will obviously let Ford know and get them sorted
  9. Ah, haha thank god for that. Thought I'd screwed it all up by trying to be clever Thanks for your help
  10. Well the good news is that the information system warning did go away after I successfully followed the reset instructions that Ford gave me. Further good news (so far) is that after a 2-3 mile journey and sat in the car for a good half hour no further lights have come on. I've got a 25 mile round trip later so hope it continues as is...
  11. Got my TitX yesterday. Followed instructions, it looks a bit like the software has been DOWNgraded... Original System Details: After the Update: I'm only saying it looks like that as the CCPU S/W Version has gone down in it's version number
  12. Called my local Ford garage and servicing guy explained how to reset the warning lights. I said "If it comes back on should I take it into you do you think?" He said he can't see it coming back on and it often happens when a service has been completed but something isn't reset Will try and reset now
  13. I'm also just wondering if this is one of those errors/information messages that just need a drive around to clear it...
  14. Thanks Avi, Just re-checking the service record which shows it was serviced: 11/12/14 20/11/15 07/02/17 (a few days ago by the Seat/Mazda garage I bought it from) I hope they don't try to suggest that it needs an official Ford service and that's not their issue. I will call them and tell them what's happened.
  15. You may have seen my thread on this forum saying I bought a 64 plate Focus yesterday. I drove it 200 miles roughly back from where I bought it and it was faultless. This morning I drove it 2 miles to a shop. Parked up and when I came back to drive off I got the warning message: System Check: Engine Service Now (It also says the city stop thing is disabled) I don't know anymore than that. Any ideas?