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  1. Hi there. 6 weeks ago i got a new coil fitted to front left of my 2001 mondeo. Then last week on MOT- i had to have a new coil and bearing for the front right. After the first visit of the MOT, i had to take it back due to a grinding noise. They diagnosed it as the coil had come out. They fixed, but I took back the next day due to vibrations. Transpires that the bearing exploded and they had to re-do it all again. I now still have some vibrations. So got it tracked and balanced- but that didnt solve it. Upon self inspection- it appears that the front left "coil spacer" ( looks like the top of ice cream cone and made of solid plastic ) has been fitted upside down ( opposite way to front right ). Also- the rubber bush/bung has dropped down. Would this be the cause of my vibration? I know that in theory i should have felt after first change 6 weeks back- but with my right hand coil broken- wouldnt it have dropped the right side slightly therefore taking the weight off the left side- and hence hiding the problem? Any help would be great before i take back to the garage for 5th time!!! Many Thanks