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  1. Hey Up!

    Thanks for the welcomes chaps. Here are a couple of pictures of the Model A rep.
  2. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    All round mechanical technician at an Aeronautical and Automotive Dept. at a University. Really enjoy it as its all relevant to my interests and its nice to do something new / different every day! Involves... CNC & Conv. milling & Turning, from an initial idea or drawing to finished components & assemblies.Welding (TIG & MIG) & fabrication,Occasional Driver @ MIRA Test facility, and general lacky
  3. Hey Up!

    Hi all, Glad to be here, Im Drew, 22 years old from Leicestershire. I work as a machinist / fabricator / welder. Always had a passion for all things automotive and especially ford. I must admit though, I havent been especially intrigued by any ford of the last 20-ish years. Hoping that I can be of assistance to some of you... I currently own a Ford Model A Replica running a Rolls Royce 6.75 litre v8 engine and a 1938 Austin 12 with no engine as it sits, Im just starting on building that... Cheers, Drew
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums hot-jalopy :)