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  1. Hi all, I'm an absolute novice when it comes to forums. Recently just upgraded from a 2010 frozen white Titanium to a 2011 Frozen White 1.6 metal. I honestly couldn't be any happier and love the car to bits. Look forward to learning from the rest of the forum member experiences and learning more about my car. Quick question, been looking at getting a mk7 Asian grill but concerned if it will cause problems with speed bumps (as I have loads in my area) have any of you had problems with this? Looking forward to hearing from you guys :) happy motoring
  2. Fiesta Metal

    Nice one, I also received my metal Friday too (but in white) and I can honestly say the car is an absolute dream to drive. It has the performance if you need it but also balances well with economy. I for one couldn't be happier and wished I brought one sooner. ^_^
  3. New Member With Fiesta Metal

    Awesome dude, I also brought a metal in frozen white. It is defo the bees knees, couldn't be any happier. Happy motoring :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Bougles :)

    1. Bougles


      Thank you, look forward to sharing topics and learning more features about my car as well as learning/sharing from experiences :)