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  1. Sadly they got curbed I've got 2 sets at the mo one white and one purple with a fushia holographic flake but I do think I'll be re painting soon haha
  2. Been so inactive on here so just a few recent pictures
  3. Yes the whole front end is completely different
  4. Also a quick sneak from Peterborough on Sunday
  5. No problem aggelos happy shopping they make a lot for the mk7
  6. Interesting Ill wait to see
  7. Any pictures Sammy?
  8. There is a group on Facebook called triple r composites search for those and message them I'm sure they will be happy to help and provide postage info for you
  9. Yeah I hear you
  10. New headlights are in!
  11. You'd need new exhaust manifold etc it would be a big expense but charger you could bolt eaton m45 supercharger on underneath with a few guide pulleys get an intercooler off an st or even a small universal one route your piping wisely and you should be able to keep all air con etc from my research anyway, but I've had this plan in motion for ages and never actually got anywhere with it, furthest I got was get a charger, that's about it
  12. Thanks has seen much appreciated