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  1. well here is the deal, Ford Germany told me when i brought the headlights for my zetec that the lights i need are known as level 2 so they may cost more ect ect, so i have these ''level 2'' lights in my zetec. Ford uk (where im buying my ST) told me today that in my zetec are only level 1 lights there for i will need new ones. if the plugs were drastically different i would be less suspicious, however, you've shown me otherwise so im completely confused - what im thinking of doing is Saturday morning getting one light out of my zetec and fitting it to my ST to see before i take the car away weather i really need to pay for moreeeeee headlights - bane of my life they are!!
  2. Im forces based in germany and we have to have continental lights in our cars, ive got a fiesta as it is obviously and am picking my ST up on saturday dont want to have to go threw all the effort buying new continentals and having to sell my old ones really just wanna do a straight swap!
  3. Thanks for them! Now here are the pictures of my plug, can you see any difference or any reason I could not put my current headlights into my new ST?
  4. cheers man!!
  5. brill mate thanks alot!
  6. any luck on getting me that picture mate?
  7. yes please so i can compare it with the Zetec! great help mate
  8. yes mate tomorrow daytime would be great please! cheers for your help!!! :D
  9. need some help! can someone who owns an ST2 please take a picture of the plug that goes into there headlights so i can compare it to my Zetec one! any help will be really appreciated please :D
  10. yeah i can see your point cheers!
  11. okay yeah i understand that, I hope this is possible if my current lights dont fit! cheers!
  12. and that switch changes the headlights to flat beam?
  13. right i see now that could be a problem -.- i dont suppose anyone on here has an ST2 that they could post a picture of the plug for me?
  14. yes to change the beam however only xenon headlights have the switch ability, halogen projected which come as standard on ST2 wont do that :( from looking at pictures i cant see no reason why my current zetec headlights wouldn't fit, they look exactly the same just wanted some oppinons. :)
  15. because im based in germany and have to switch over my headlights so they face the other way, the ones i have are from my fiesta zetec? so reckon they will not fit?