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  1. Anyone Anywhere Near Plymouth ???

    Hey all, Would be great to get a mini meet organsised and get to meet some other members. Put your name up if your interested and we can sort out a time and place soon. Jase
  2. New Guy In Plymouth

    Hey all, Am living in Plymouth and just bought myself a new project. My Previous cars include highly moddified Rover 220 coupe turbo fdh. Alfa 156 2.5 V6. 5 x Bmw straight sixes including 325i, 328i and 528i. Celica st202, and soo on. So cos of costs and practicality i have gone sensible for my new project. 2003 Mondeo estate 2.0 TDCI 130 Ghia X. Loving it and always wanted to mod an estate so will be good fun. Looking forward to being on the forums, meeting some people from here and checking out some cars aswell. Cya soon, Jase