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  1. Philf1's Spirit Blue Fiesta St2

    Might have to look him up, I'm going for the same sort of look as your son's ST, not that your's is bad.. White is a better colour though   Where did your son get the mirrored/chrome inputs for under the bonnet?
  2. Will's Molten Orange St

    You gotta lot of Mountune stuff! How's the exhaust compare to the standard?
  3. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    Ahh suppose, yeah I haven't really pushed the ST yet. Nice! ER-6f looks great as well, didn't that used to be called the Ninja 650 or is this completely different?
  4. Nice car! The contrast of that blue and the black alloys looks great, much prefer this blue to the "Spirit Blue"   Where did you get your fogs from out of interest?
  5. MOT next month, will this fail?

    That's what I meant! Cheers
  6. MOT next month, will this fail?

    i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if your fog lights work on your car for an MOT? Or is this for the fog lights at the front? I'm not 100% maybe someone can correct me,
  7. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Thanks guys, Might have to buy another headlight set and get some retrofitted led tube or something put in instead, in certain lights (excuse the pun) they look horrible to me. Generally most of the time they are great, especially as DRL's. It's good to know someone has also got that same HID kit as I have no idea of what company/standard to trust with these.
  8. Word Game

    reading glasses
  9. Wrong NCB?

    Hmm I purposely worded it as to not "renew" my policy when I told them about it, If they come back and state that I have the emails to prove it either way. Tried calling twice and I just get hung up on... so i've emailed them again.. forwarding my last email that they replied to 5 days ago, saying they will resolve the matter within 5 days. Glad I never had to go through a claim with these bunch of clowns.
  10. MOT

    Saw this on one of those motorway cops/patrol programes, it's an offence to have it like that. But as above, you can pass an MOT with it.
  11. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    Ahh I see, is that a heavy foot compared to the A6? Yeah the performance mods i'm thinking of doing are something I want to do, but maybe not anytime soon. Coming from the 1.4 titanium to this is a big jump, especially when the turbo kicks in, still getting used to it. Trying to see how much MPG I can get and without even trying the figures are crazy! I always wanted to get a bike but was told not to, I used to love the look and sound of an R6, but i've been interested in cars more since a young age.. my first word was car apparently! What bike are you thinking of getting?
  12. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    Cheers! Me too, i've done subtle things to the other two but this one will be an actual project! How's the Zetec S? I've only driven the MK7 and wanted it but my insurance wouldn't let me (i couldn't justify the cost either at that time) don't the new MK7.5 have an overboost feature?
  13. Change colour of my zs alloys

  14. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    So to start with, I kind of put a few things from the Titanium on this to start with. Put the wind deflectors on, wondering whether to get new ones as these are all scratched and the sides are snapped off, they still fit but they are quite loose. Team Heko version, got these off eBay 3 years ago, had them on each of my Fiesta's! Next I changed the Footwell lights, these are 6000k and are really bright. I used to have red ones but they were never bright enough, I used these for my sidelights before but as the ST has DRL there is no need. The Osram Premium LEDriving bulbs are quite expensive but they will last a long time, I used these to replace any 501/W5W bulbs, you can find them here: These literally pull out and you can push new ones in, just remember they will be burning hot, mine where sort of lodged in, it's either that or I have sausage fingers. You can also get them in 4000k, which is a brighter light to the standard or 6800k which is a bright blue. I've tried them all and these are the best IMHO. The mats from the old car where thrown out, as the car came with new ones (excuse the mess, my neighbour has a giant pine tree..) I then changed the interior bulbs, in the Titanium and the Zetec, all of these where 501/W5W bulbs, however.. the front middle courtesy light on the ST is a festoon/C5W bulb so I got one of these to match: Side courtesy lights: Rear courtesy light: From the outside: With the C5W added (did this another time as I didn't know it was this kind of bulb, trying to put the original back I dropped ti and this broke as well) weird how the yellow plastic shows, quite annoying but I can see everything now: To get to the front bulbs you can just pry off the clear plastic covering and pop the bulbs out, theres no need to take off the whole unit, the rear courtesy light is different, you will have to lodge a screwdriver (cover in a cloth so you don't damage/scratch anything) into the small cut out to depress a clip, the whole unit will come down and you can just twist the bulb/bulbs out. Again, the standard bulbs will get hot very quickly. Same bulbs again.. this time for the numberplate lights: Stallone the stallion is beginning to get a bit dirty now.. living in the countryside is great for roads.. mostly. Floods and potholes litter my area and everywhere is just caked in mud. To change these bulbs I use a small alan key to fit into the small holes on the right side of the bulb housing, you can then use the alankey to dislodge the metal clip holding it in, twist the bulb holder, done! (Even after my advice i'm pretty sure I burnt my finger on one of these standard bulbs..) Added overlays to the bonnet, boot and steering wheel badges: You can get these in a few places now after DMB stopped making them, various users on the forums, eBay etc. But I emailed 'Just Overlay' <> and they got me these done in a day or so. I then bought white overlays for the ST badges, and for the airvents inside, (haven't done the ST overlays yet):   Bought some dustcaps as I kept noticing the standard ones (are these metal?) stand out a bit too much, like a golden yellowy sort of colour. Found these on eBay, will match the alloys when I get them done black, just a little touch. (Still need to clean my cary, but waiting for a better day atm..) Looks like i've already curbed this alloy. Then found a pair of headlight brows on eBay for 20 quid, not the triple R ones, not too sure on these though, haven't painted them (black or white?) just left them to see what they look like for now, they need to be stuck down with tigerseal or something like that: Then decided to smoke out my rear tailights and black out the ST emblem. For a first go I thought it went pretty well, I bought "Smoke" and matte black plastidip of eBay, you can get it most places I think, all the smoke seemed to do on the lights was matte it out, so did a few coats then added 2 coats of the black. The badge was a bit harder, especially to mask everything off, I had galeforce winds and it started raining at some point, still managed to get overspray everywhere but you can just rub it off. Will be doing this again though as the black coat on the lights doesn't look even to me (bit OCD) and one of the edges of the ST badge came off. Probably do this when i've cleaned the car and do the reflectors/fog as well. I've got a lot of detailing products to use left over from both my other cars so I need to clay, wax and seal this as well! So far this is everything i've done.
  15. Hi All, Made two projects/builds on here before, nothing dramatic. Always wanted an ST and decided to get one as my insurance changed over at the end of January this year. Shoutout to TrustFord in Enfield for this! Was looking at trading in my Titanium for a new ST, then remembered the price difference. I then picked Stallone up for 13K with all the discounts and haggles etc taken down, only 8 months old! Comes with all the gadgets I had on the titanium, which I was used to (Auto lights, auto wipers etc.) but the heated seats etc. added to this just top it off! And then comes the power.. the torque it has is ridiculous, if you are in a position to get one of these, honestly.. just go for it. You won't be disappointed. List of things/idea's that I will/might be doing: 1. Upgrade all interior (courtesy, footwell, boot) 2. Upgrade number plate lights 3. Upgrade reverse lights (CREE LED)  need to add pictures 4. De-tango all indicators (rear, side and front lights) 5. Gel Overlays (Front, steering, boot badges, might do wheel centres and vents, ST Badges) 6. Smoke/Blackout lights/badges  sort of, will be re-doing these 7. Upgrade dipped beam to HID's 8. Upgrade Fogs to ??? 9. Black out alloys (plastidip or powder coat) 10. Induction Kit - J1 kit? 11. Colour coded pipes for engine (white/black) 12. Sunstrip 13. Hardwire a dashcam 14. Headlight brows  bought but not sure, needs painting as well 15. Blackout rear bumper, fog inserts, lower grill. Also paint the engine cover black/white. 16. Change the whole front headlight units (retrofit, blacked out, change the LED DRL for a more whiter look) 17. Mountune spoiler exhaust or RS spoiler, Maxton design do both of these. 18. Front & side splitters. Triple R looks pretty good. 19. Front bumper extensions or RS style front bumper. The front bumper extensions are done by fifteen52 originally, but both can be bought from Maxton design also. 20. Mountune/Revo/Peron tuning, remaps, exhaust etc. Mountune will keep my warranty, by Revo looks like a better deal, i've heard a stage 3 Revo and it was crazy. 21. Find matching keyring and smartkey cover. 22. Find matching dustcaps. 23. Add another rear fog light on the other side (not sure what side they come with but it annoys me that it isn't symmetrical. 24. Add rain deflectors for wing mirror's (not sure on these) 25. Add wind deflectors  purchase new ones? *Will be added a few updates to this post*