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  1. I think that's the one I've heard to be fair, I'm sure there was some CS involved though
  2. Send all the details to ford customer service, they'll soon get to the bottom of it
  3. Welcome!
  4. Looking good with that colour, definately suits it without the chrome, it would best interesting to see the diffuser in blue, but something would be telling me to keep it black!
  5. Didn't get the sound from when we exchanged words on my dashcam.. On a better note I have two boxes today... Anybody guess what they are?
  6. Nice! Always liked the look of these.
  7. I think you keep it until you actually get the new car, would be pretty bad customer service if they went "yeah, we'll just take that car back and you can erm... walk home? Come back in a few weeks and you can have a new car!" Speak to your salesman and he should confirm!
  8. What rim protectors do you have? They would have saved mine today :(
  9. Welcome! Nice and clean shiny car!
  10. If you do get a chance to go, let me know, we'll make our own mini convoy or join another. Some ..... idiot in a van forced me into a kerb today I'm sure I kerbed it on some massive pothole I couldn't get round as well, but didn't check..
  11. Literally just get a plastic tool and pry it off as far as I remember, quite a few clips on them though.
  12. Good idea, i'll try but I haven't used an editor in that way in a long time! Cheers, and it's a must! Hate seeing cables out! At the moment, i'm going to enjoy it for a while, save some money for performance! Not that i'm bored of it or anything! Maybe some small cosmetic changes, like colour coded (gloss black/frozen white) mist jets, battery covers, dress up kits (screws/washers etc.) I may be getting something to add onto the back of the car quite soon though... I got a big box delivered this morning.. and it's not an exhaust. Thanks! Aha too right! I always look around for the best deals though! eBay and Fiesta groups on facebook are great to pick up used parts, wouldn't buy anything for the engine or mechanical used though!
  13. Cheers! I've got the pinstripe, just need to find some spare time to put it on! Thinking of doing the wind deflectors with it as well. Brows are on order! Not sure whether to keep them black or do them white though! And yeah! Damn! I work in Enfield aswell down Mollison Avenue! You planning on going to Ford Fair this year?
  14. Cheers man! Being busy costs time & money! All worth it in the end though. And yeah the black wheels was a must, I wasn't sure on the roof but i'm more than pleased! People keep asking me if I have a panoramic roof.. Whereabouts in London are you by the way?
  15. Didn't see this.. welcome to the Frozen White club! 5 hours?? Whereabouts is he? And what are you planning or is it sneaky as you make it sound?