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  1. I'm guessing by now most people have seen the new Ford adverts telling you to unlearn everything, showing the Mondeo, Mustang and the Ford GT & Edge at the end. I got an email today showing me a site, that gives a lot more information on what Ford are getting involved in, recycling everything, adaptive headlights and infrared sensors, improved camera's for looking out on blind junctions, inflatable seatbelts etc. Quite an interesting 15 minutes watching all the videos! Take a look:
  2. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Always loved this thread The amount of times I tell people not get a Corsa and they do and regret it... I was cruising down the A10 last week, and could see plumes of smoke in the distance and every body changing lane, getting closer I could see it was a car.. A Vauxhall Zafira. Instead of pulling over, the driver decided to just keep driving it as if nothing was going wrong... The lights went red and everyone was just staring at this car that was turning into a sauna, the lights went green and they just carried on as normal?!? I got out of there quite quickly after seeing that..
  3. Insurance

    I was going to say this as well, Another thing I noticed, if you use the comparison sites, they will all differe slightly, literally do the same quotes for all of them and just watch the differences, I saved £100 from a quote from AXA on comparethemarket by switching to moneysupermarket.
  4. MOT

    Not entirely sure, you can either get a fine or told to rectify it within a certain amount of days, in the case I saw, the car was being scrapped in less than a week after being spotted so they let them off.
  5. Ahh fair enough, me neither! Just want them from a style point of view!
  6. Washing car with water fed brush.

    Sorry didn't mean to hijack the thread with hate against hand car washes haha, If you just want to get it over and done with then I suppose it would be a good idea, you'll have to do a lot of brushing to get the dirt off though, i'm just trying to think of how you'd do it?
  7. Washing car with water fed brush.

    Where they use the same old rag to clean the whole car, drop it on the floor dip back in barrel full of stagnant water.. Makes me shudder just thinking of it
  8. My New Fiesta ST (Race Red)

    Welcome! Good choice!
  9. Washing car with water fed brush.

    Haha I know how you feel, My previous cars I prepare them for winter and don't clean it until you be sure it will be a good day. Unfortunately, I bought my car only 2 weeks ago, so it's just covered in filth, i'm hoping the layer of dirt will protect it from anything else at the moment..
  10. Washing car with water fed brush.

    If you really care about your paintwork and don't want those little hairline scratches or marring. Get your own pressure washer, and a snow foam lance. The foam will remove most of the dirt/hard particles without scratching the paint, if you have a good wax and sealant on it will be even easier. You can then use the two bucket method for the rest of the bodywork/windows. Use a seperate back for the wheels and the wheels only!!
  11. Wind deflectors

    Team Heko, used mine for 3 years, one of my friends snapped the ends and they still work.. For a MK6 these are £25
  12. I didn't know this, do you know how?
  13. Fog lights I meant sorry, you said you upgraded these to LED ones?
  14. Philf1's Spirit Blue Fiesta St2

    Might have to look him up, I'm going for the same sort of look as your son's ST, not that your's is bad.. White is a better colour though   Where did your son get the mirrored/chrome inputs for under the bonnet?