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  1. Fiesta Sts Around Leeds

    As above.. You should really just go and see your dealer. Mine will do anything to keep you as a Ford customer!
  2. Gel Badges

    Just Overlay <> Sent me mine in two days, uses PayPal for payment also. Regardless of who you use, PayPal will always be in your favour as a buyer if anything goes wrong and you collect evidence.
  3. Gel badges

    Just Overlay <>
  4. Chip/Crack in windscreen?

    Cheers, any recommendations for repairers?
  5. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Anybody know the difference between the 35W and 55W HID kits? Apart from price, am I right in thinking there will be more heat given off by the 55W kit? Is there also a similar (6000k) bulb (non HID of course maybe LED?) for the foglights? Can you also change the DRL on the ST-2/3? Or is this a job for an expert?
  6. Chip/Crack in windscreen?

    Got my ST less than a week ago, two days ago I noticed a chip/crack in the windscreen, towards the passenger side, just above the head unit. I'm covered for this so got Autoglass to come and take a look, first day I apparently didn't supply my address or my correct mobile, even though both were correct on my confirmation email.. odd. Today they came to my work, and guy told me it was too small, I thought he was joking at first, but he said they basically can't do anything, he'd just make it worse. Anyone had this before? What am I supposed to do?? He also said it looks like it's been repaired before, as it feels very smooth and there is no "dip" or "dent" as such. Might ask Ford about it, whether they had any repairs to it... the Autoglass technician said it's safe and will be fine, but it's annoying and always catches my eye.. just feels broke if you know what I mean..
  7. Problem with number plate bulbs!

    Price you pay for long lasting light! You can probably get them cheaper somewhere else, just google ledriving 6000k festoon bulb
  8. Fiesta Mk7.5 Black Edition Mild Mods

    What fogs did you get in the end?
  9. Ford Fair 2016

    Went last year and was great, whats the difference of being with a club instead of turning up as "normal"?
  10. Where did you get the sunstrip from?
  11. Problem with number plate bulbs!

    This should do it,   They only come as singles though, haven't got mine yet, but they should be the same quality as the 501/W5W
  12. New ST3.

    Was going to black out my alloys, going through floods/mud in the countryside.. don't think i'll need too anymore..
  13. Problem with number plate bulbs!

    I take it the ones you've bought are quite cheap? I went through the same issues, bought a few different bulbs, found ones that had a good colour and brightness, 1 lasted only a week yet the others were fine, sooner or later others started flickering and others died. I took a better look into the LED options available and found these by Osram. There are two versions, the premium and the standard, I can't vouch for the standard, but the premium and great quality and have lasted me over a year and half, i've had them on all 3 of my Fiestas. I first tried the 4000k, which are a bit whiter than the standard sidelights/interior/numberplate etc. lights 6000k or 6800k. the 6800k are just blue, very bright, but obviously not ideal. 6800k gives off a more HID feel, but its just an LED. Don't get me wrong, they are much more expensive (£10-16 for a pair, they seem to change every now and then) but they haven't failed on me yet. Osram do others along the same line (LEDriving) I've recently purchased an LED Festoon bulb for the courtesy light in my ST-3. I'll be making a post about my ST build and you can see the pictures of the bulbs there, i'll link it into my signature at some point as well. eBay - Amazon -
  14. Wrong NCB?

    My insurance came up for renewal at the end of January, I upgraded to an ST and insurance was cheaper with AXA than "achoice" who I was with, I didn't cancel my existing policy, I just bought a new one and said I didn't want to renew with "achoice". On my renewal letter, it stated correctly that I have 3 years NCB, but when I asked for complete proof they have only put 2? I've said that this is wrong but have yet to hear from them, has anybody had a similar experience?
  15. So Anyone have the 2015 Mustang?

    Saw one last week when I picked up my ST, did an illegal U-turn at the lights and sped off into the distance... sounds crazy.