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  1. Sun Cream Handprint

    Hello I have discovered a hand print on the top of the rear nearside door of my Fiesta. It looks as though someone with suntan lotion on their hands has pushed the door shut and I cannot find a way of removing the imprint. The paint work is black and the imprint is a dull grey colour. Suggestions anyone? Thanks Bob
  2. Wing Mirror Cover Removal

    Hi Karl Many thanks, I've done the job now but its useful to have the tip about mirror removal - I'm sure this makes things a little easier. With all good wishes Bob
  3. Wing Mirror Cover Removal

    Hi Dave Thanks - I don't know why I didn't look inn the handbook. Sometimes the most obvious things are right in front of you! With all good wishes Bob
  4. Would anyone be able to advise about how to remove and replace a wing mirror cover plate for a 2011Fiesta? Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums filbo :)