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  1. Happy Birthday Lsdxj20!

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    Thanks for the welcome everybody, Lenny ya I had no trouble what so ever with the st ,it's been great fun a pleasure to drive,but I have to think with my head and not my heart, before the st2. I had a focus st170 and when I was younger I've had escort Mexico in white and also an rs2000 in yellow so I have had some great performance cars and now my needs are sensible and economical .i saw the fiesta when it came out and what I did for the money made sense to me and the wife and at 122ish mph still a good speed.i will up load a pic or 2 of the st and also my new baby later.
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    Hello. Too every one, I have a focus st2 now that I have had for 3 years but as I am turning 45 next month I have decided to grow up and become an adult so tomorrow I pick up my brand new fiesta titanium 1.0l have had great fun in the st but with tax,fuel and insurance on the increase it time to say goodbye,anyway just thought I'd say hello
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Lsdxj20 :)