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  1. Hi all, I currently own a 1.6 Diesel MK2 Ford Focus that I absolutely love, unfortunately my desire to buy a capri has now become overwhelming so i'm going for it! I am looking at a MK3 2.0, it has failed it's last MOT on the following points (As listed by the seller): - Fuel lines at front and rear are insecure( just need p clipping to chassis)- Small fuel leak from fuel sender and carb (I have a carb gasket kit to sort out the carb)- Exhaust gasses are leaking from head. The body seems in a condition with little/no rust and it has a grey recaro interior in mint condition. I am going to see it tomorrow night so will be able to provide more information regarding it's condition. I am looking at paying around £1500 for this at the most, is this a fair estimation? Should I be willing to pay more, less? Obviously the exhaust gasses are the main concern for me, and so long as it is not a cracked head I am in the belief I should be able to sort it? Should I be more concerned? Am I looking at a world of pain here? Should I wait for something else to come around? Thanks a lot for any advice, it really is appreciated! When I do get one (When being the operative word!) i'll be sure to keep everyone up on the progress. Thanks again,Warren
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums WazzaJB :)