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  1. A shocking half-time result in Slovenia...expecting goals the 2nd half!.

  2. Anyone got a spare flamethrower? Next doors ivy has gone mad :(

  3. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I work for beardy Branson...oh if anyone wants to move to Virgin Media i can get you a good deal ;)
  4. Stunning strike from Lowton! #avfc

  5. Jaron Lanier: 'The online Utopia doesn't exist. We need to reboot' (Wired UK)

  6. 3 fold comes in...Staines banging in 7 (seven) tonight!

  7. Forgot how bad the video for Epic is. Thankfully the song fits the song name #FaithNoMore

  8. Giving @OLBG a try tonight...

  9. Connecting Ipod To Ford Audio

    Yep, Amazon. That's where i got mine from.
  10. Amazing the kids with silly magic tricks...can't beat it. #BeatThatBlaine

  11. Apple looks to protect dropped iPhones by shifting their orientation mid-flight via @AppleInsider

  12. Connecting Ipod To Ford Audio

    A 3.5mm male to male lead.